Samsung Unveils 108MP Camera Sensor

by Suyash Tajhya
Samsung 108MP Camera Sensor

In today’s Mobile market competition has grown a lot. Many smartphone companies are upgrading at a pace we may have never thought of. Likewise a few weeks back the news about the Redmi 64 MP camera sensor was all over the internet. But with today’s news the 64MP camera sensor, which at the time was a big deal, seems like nothing. Yes, now Samsung in collaboration with Xiaomi has unveiled the ground-breaking 108 MP camera sensor.

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Samsung 108MP Camera Sensor

The 108 MP camera sensor is called the Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX. As we knew that both companies Redmi and Realme uses Samsung’s ISOCELL camera sensor. Now Samsung seems to go beyond 64 MP Lens and lead the technology as they are doing at the present.

Overview: Samsung 108MP Camera Sensor

So looking at the 108 MP sensor, it has 0.8-micron pixels. The Micron we get in this sensor is the same as we get in other 48MP and 64MP cameras. Like the 48MP and 64MP smartphone camera use pixel binning to deliver 12 MP and 16 MP 1.6 Micron pixels images. The ISOCELL Bright HMX delivers shots at 27 MP 1.6-micron pixels which is still better than the other camera sensors.

With this new camera sensor, we can expect it to take better images in low light. However, the sensor will be somehow similar to 64MP camera sensors.

As in the present, we are able to record 4K @ 60 fps but with this ISOCELL Bright HMX, we are now able to record 6K videos @ 30 fps. So with this sensor, it seems that recording videos and images will be taken to the next level.

Although Samsung has unveiled the camera sensor, the mass production of the unit will start later this month. Also, as mentioned earlier, this sensor is made with collaboration with Xiaomi. So, some rumors suggest that Xiaomi may use this in their Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 smartphone. So will Xiaomi be the world’s first company to use the 108MP camera sensor? Well, we will have to wait to find out.

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