OPPO launches 125W fast charging tech along with 65W wireless charging

by Tubuntu2

OPPO has become a pioneer in the fast charging technology for smartphones. With its latest efforts, the company has launched a new 125W flash charge technology along with a 65W AirVOOC wireless charging feature. Besides the two major upgrades, OPPO is also in the market with a 50W mini SuperVOOC charger along with a 110W mini flash charger.

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125W Wired Fast Charging Solution by OPPO

The biggest risk and technical challenge with fast charging tech has been temperature and overheating. With a bad design and battery configuration, smartphones run the risk of damaging batteries and even mini explosions like in the case of Galaxy Note 7 phones.


However, the new 125W flash charge tech from OPPO uses an advanced encryption algorithm and strict temperature control regulators. This enables the safe and efficient use of the flash charging device.

OPPO’s 125W fast charge tech can charge a 4000mAh battery upto 41% in just 5 minutes and fully charge it in 20 minutes. It uses a direct charging technology to achieve this fast charge rate. The new fast chargers are also compatible with older SuperVOOC and VOOC standards along with support for 65W PD and 125W PPS.

65W AirVOOC Wireless Flash charging, wireless charging now usable

Wireless charging for smartphones is nothing new in 2020. However the slow charging speeds of wireless chargers has always made it a hassle when quick charging is required. Wireless chargers is mostly used to charge phones at the end of the day for slow but hassle free charging.


With the new 65W AirVOOC wireless flash charging, the wireless charging has become a more practical option for quick charging. It can fully charge a 4000 mAh battery in 30 minutes at its best. According to OPPO, it has reduced the interference in frequency and thereby enable faster wireless charging.

Portable OPPO 50W mini SuperVOOC Charger

OPPO also launched a new small and thin 50W mini SuperVOOC charger that claims as the most compact 50W charger yet. There’s also another faster 110W mini flash charger that boasts similar portability and charging speeds.


Both chargers offer high-efficiency power conversion along with temperature control for a safe and compact charging option on the go.

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