Redmi Smart TV X Series Launching on May 26

by Tubuntu2

Redmi Smart TV X series will launch on Tuesday, May 26 which will include a total of 3 different TVs from Xiaomi’s sub-brand. The new TV-series is launching alongside the new Redmi 10X phone in China. Redmi is currently selling two older generations of smart TVs in China, but that will change with the new X-series of Redmi TVs. The three Redmi X-series TVs include the Redmi X50, X55, and X65 with their respective numbers indicating their screen sizes. Besides the screen sizes, Redmi X TV leaks suggest a new generation of panels and improved design changes.

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Redmi X TVs Leaks & Specs

Redmi X TVs are going to come with OLED panels making the X series TVs the first OLED TVs from Redmi. Because of these OLED panels, Redmi can pack seamless bezel-less design and smaller bodies for its new TVs. These new design and display quality can push the Redmi series to the premium segment of Smart TV market.

Redmi may be known for its smartphones, but the company has already launched a huge 98-inch Smart TV in the market. The new X-series TVs of course will be more practical and within more people’s reach.

The Redmi X TVs will also feature Motion Estimation/ Motion Compensation (MEMC) technology to deliver smooth images. This can be useful when viewing fast-paced action movies or sports.


Redmi X-series TVs leaks for 50-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch models also show that they offer a ’60Hz intelligent compensation algorithm’. This unique tech in Redmi X TVs will improve viewing experience, however, details regarding this haven’t been revealed. The Redmi X TV series will also offer 4K resolutions along with 85% NTSC color-space coverage. Redmi has specifically mentioned that this TV series is targeted towards the young people who expect a great picture quality under a reasonable price.

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