About Us

by Samrat Amatya

Phones In Nepal is a tech website whose main objective is to provide qualitative tech news, reviews, initial impressions, rumors, tips and tricks and more. We also have our own Youtube channel dedicated to providing high-res tech videos, unboxings, full video reviews and other useful visual contents. Phones In Nepal now is one of the leading tech portals in Nepal who has constantly been providing quality content to its viewers.

Our Story 

Phones In Nepal started out as a Youtube channel on April 21, 2015. We then soon realized the importance of written information and expanded our reach with a blog on Google’s Blogger platform. Due to the unwavering and increasing love of our readers and followers, we finally decided to create our very own website. And ever since we have been resolute in providing quality content to our lionized viewers and readers.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to become the No 1 tech portal in all of Nepal. We also want to create a platform where we can interact with each other about our common love for tech. Everyone, when buying a new smartphone or any piece of technology is confused and seeks valuable information and suggestions. We want to be the one to provide such information and clear any confusion regarding the tech equipment.


   “Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine
                                                          -jack ma