LeoSquad: A Revolutionary Virtual Workspace

by Samrat Amatya
LeoSquad Software

Given the time we live in, most of us are working from home in a virtual environment. But before I go any further I would like to thank our frontline workers who don’t have the option to work from home even in this difficult time. Although the case, for many, work-from-home culture is starting to become the only option to get our work done for a lot of the working population, and it is believed that it will become a permanent solution for millions of workers and their employers.

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Many companies and entrepreneurs have realized that they no more need a physical office to get work done. Companies like Facebook, Google are all moving towards a “virtual-first” modality. This not only saves them money but gives them the option to hire the best people from around the world. We are definitely going to see more and more companies embrace the “work-from-home” culture even in the post-pandemic world.

But working from home has its own set of challenges. For someone who has been doing so for the past 1+ year, I can attest, working from home is not as easy as it sounds. Most people who were hired during the COVID-19 Pandemic can relate to how difficult it is to build meaningful relationships in a virtual setting. There is also a feeling of isolation from no real human interaction. 

Enter Analogue Inc., a company that is looking to solve this problem with their new “LeoSquad” software. The company is looking to effectively implement the idea of a virtual workplace along with building entrepreneurship in the country. In the context of Nepal, not having the burden of renting a physical place and equipment will definitely help more entrepreneurs to make the jump and focus on what really matters.

Many of you must be thinking, oh well, this is great and all but aren’t there other virtual workspace platforms already available in the market. Yes, you are absolutely correct but LeoSquad looks to simplify the experience by combining all the features that are needed in a virtual workplace. And, most of all, you do not have to be a tech-savvy individual to know how to use their software. The LeoSquad software also consists of advanced features that will facilitate productive and fake-proof work, benefitting both employee and employer.

Overall, the LeoSquad software looks to be a revolutionary virtual workspace solution. It not only will help budding entrepreneurs but also big-corporate houses to move towards a more “virtual-first” modality. The ISO/IEC 17788:2014 certified software will make its debut on June 18, 2021, here in Nepal. We can’t wait to see what changes it will bring to “working”.

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