CAN Info-Tech 2019 to start from Jan 29

by Samrat Amatya
CAN Info-Tech 2019

The annually held CAN Info-tech is going to commence from the 29th of January (25th Magh) for 2019. The event, like always, will be held at the Bhrikuti Mandap Exhibition hall located in Kathmandu. This time too the title sponsor for the event is Subisu with E-sewa being the new associated partner. This CAN Info-Tech 2019 will last for 6 days starting on 29th January and ending on the 3rd of February.

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CAN Info-Tech 2019

CAN Info-Tech 2019 Overview

Let’s be honest, CAN especially in the last few years has gotten a little boring! It has become more of a push sale event than an actual exhibition. Every year most of us, including me, go visit the event in hopes of seeing new and innovative products. But all we see are the same old things at a slightly discounted price.

This year I seriously wish that changes! Hopefully, CAN has something hidden up its sleeves to woo thousands of its visitors. And from the looks of it, there might very well be.  One particular display that I am eager to experience is the Nepal-made Robot. Yes, you heard it right, a robot made in Nepal. We sadly don’t have any other details on the robot. But hey, robots are always cool no matter what. And it obviously will be a great attraction at the event.

If the robot wasn’t enough to persuade you to visit CAN Info-Tech 2019 then this sure will. To spice things up, CAN will be conducting some compelling activities. Visitors will be able to win various gifts and vouchers every three hours. Winners will be selected via a lucky draw! And if that wasn’t enough, one lucky visitor will get a chance to win a bumper prize on a daily basis.

Talking about the pricing, like always, the regular price for the ticket is Rs 100. Students will receive a 50% discount, coming in at just Rs 50. Do note, that you need to bring your students identity card. Students visiting with the uniform on and not the identity card will not be eligible for the discount. Learn’t that the hard way! Besides these regular prices, people buying the tickets via E-sewa will get 10% discounts. Since E-sewa is the sponsor, this deal was inevitable. Nonetheless, a lucrative opportunity for E-sewa users visiting CAN Info-tech 2019.

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