How to Stay Productive During Lockdown

by Samrat Amatya
How to Stay Productive During Lockdown

Many experts are quoting that it is ok to be unproductive, it is ok to watch Netflix and play video games during the lockdown. And I am no one to argue with the suggestions of the experts. In fact, I will take Netflix and Video Games any day.

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But with the lockdown reaching its 20th day in Nepal, one can’t help but feel unproductive. And it is normal! We as human beings are lazy but there comes a certain point when we start to question what we are doing and want more out of life. That may be the reason you clicked on this article. Heck, that may be the reason I am writing this article (It is). So let me “suggest” in some ways in which you can stay productive during the lockdown. I emphasized “suggest” because there are various options available to stay productive. You just have to find the one that resonates with you the most. And also, I am open to any questions and feedback. So feel free to blow up the comments section below with your opinions. If relevant, I will add them to this list.

So with that out of the way, let’s get started!!

Work From Home

Do What you are Doing

Ok, you must be going like WTF is this guy talking about. Do what you are doing? If I had to hear that, I wouldn’t have clicked on this article.

Yes, and you are right in some way. But lets us take a moment to look back and think. Many of us, thankfully, are privileged enough to have the comfort of working from our home. If you are reading this article, you probably have a roof over you read, food on the table, and access to your phone/internet. So, in such dire situations, I call that pretty lucky and privileged. We have our savings and don’t have to work paycheck to paycheck.

I am aware many companies have started forcing people to go on unpaid leave or even flat out laid them off completely. In such a situation, for those still working from home, we are very lucky. And I am not guilt-tripping you or anything, but I just wanted to remind you that maybe you are already productive. For you, not a lot has changed comparatively. So stop feeling guilty about not being productive. If you are working, you are being productive in your own way. I understand that being cooped up in a single spot can make you feel that way. Even I felt very unproductive for some time. But that is the effect of the situation and not your own productivity in question. So you might need to hear it from someone else, ” DO WHAT YOU ARE DOING” to be productive.

Netflix vs Book

Read, Read, and Re..Listen?

With the rise of video platforms like Youtube and Netflix, reading books has become scarce. I remember a time when I used to read a lot of books every chance I got. But these days I am spoiled to the core with Youtube and Netflix. I know some of you might be going, Youtube and Netflix will never take over the satisfaction of reading a book. And I absolutely agree. The joy of reading a book in invaluable. But the fact remains that the video entertainment services have taken over the world.

But since there is time to kill in our hands right now, why not utilize it for reading knowledgable books. You might have some books lying around that you have promised to read soon like a thousand times, but haven’t been able to. Then this is the best time to do so. Read them!

If you don’t have any books, try ordering some online. Not sure if they deliver books right now but yeah give it a go. If that is not an option, here is an awesome alternative for you.

Click here to go to Audible, a website where they are providing free audio-books for a limited time. I know that it is branded for kids, but you can find some classic titles here. So make use of this website to brush up on your vocabulary and learn a lot of new things.

As for me, I am taking on a few of my pending books on my read list. If you must know, they are Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, and Inferno by Dan Brown. I would love to hear your to-read list. Mention them in the comments below.


Start a Blog/Website

At one point in your life, you must have seen a website and asked your self do websites even make money. The short answer is yes. So, you might want to start a blog/website of your own.

Not just for monetary reasons but for your personal development as well; creating a website/blog in today’s digital era is golden. Let’s say you write good poems, short stories, or heck even tell jokes. A website will help you put your content out there. Since you have time now you can go through hundreds of tutorials on how to make a website, how to run it, and how to promote it. And I guarantee you this will not be in vain. Who knows you might convert it into a full-time job and quit the shitty job you hate right now.

Creating a website might take some time to get used to or even manage. So, for now, you can create a free blog on platforms like Wordpress, Blogger, and even Wix. I suggest WordPress as it is super easy to set up and can be transferred to a full-fledged website down the line. So go out there and express your self through a Blog. It definitely will pay off if you consistently work towards it.

Create a Video

Vlog/ Create a Video

Let me tell you a story of a guy who loved tech videos so much that he practically worshiped them. One day he was so bored that he decided to make a tech video just for fun. And that folks is how Phones In Nepal came to existence. So take this free time to create a video on something you love. It can be anything like tech, gaming, cooking, science, make-up, fashion, you name it.

And you don’t need much to get started. So fire up that camera you have on your phone and start recording. If you want you can also pick up some editing skills through the hundreds of Youtube tutorials available on the internet. That is how I got started! If you want an in-depth article or a video detailing how to make, edit, and promote your videos let me know in the comments. I will make one with Nepal as the target demography.

It might seem funny, but even creating a Tik Tok video is not a bad idea. With international news channel, celebrities, and even politicians using the platform, it is not to be taken as a joke. So if you ever had the desire to create a Tik Tok video, this is the right time.

And after you have made a video, post it on different platforms. There is Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. And don’t be shy to share them with your friends and family. That is how you get started. Who knows a future influencer might be among us somewhere.


Take an Online Class/ Youtube Tutorials

A great man said, If you are not learning you are not living. In that spirit, during this free time, it might be wise to learn something new. For that, you might want to take an online class.

You might have had the urge to learn to do something new ages ago. It may be how to cook (seeing some amazing home-made food pics these days), code, draw, play an instrument, get into photography, and more. So this might be a good time to develop those skills.

As much as I want to say to take an online session on websites like Udemy, Lynda, or Skillshare, that is mostly not possible in Nepal. Most of us don’t have the means to pay for the subscription. If you do, you should definitely take up learning on these websites.

But if you don’t there is always YouTube. Just search for a video on what you want to learn and you will find thousands of them. Although they are not as refined, with a little bit of work you can learn a lot of new things on the skill you want to acquire from them. So fire up YouTube and start learning.

Learn Something New

Brush up on your Skills

Practice, Practice, and Practise! Let’s say you are someone who already has the basic or even an intermediate knowledge about your craft. So why not utilize this time to perfect that! Maybe you need some extra practice to get better at something. For me personally, I am currently working on my video editing skills. I have intermediate knowledge of video editing but would love to learn more. So what can I do to learn more? At this stage, I have learned all that I can from YouTube. The best thing for me now is to practice it so that it becomes second nature to me. Additionally, to get better you can talk to people in the industry via chat or video call. Many professionals are holding free virtual webinars on various topics.

So try to find them and participate! This will also help create a network for your overall development in the future.

Meditation - Yoga Journal


Since we are at home all the time, it is quintessential that we exercise. Typically we would go for a morning walk but that is not possible during the lockdown. So we can take some alternative measures to provide our body with the necessary exercise it needs. You can follow a routine that you can do from your home. It can be anything from cardio exercises like Zumba, aerobics, yoga, or even weight training (If you have it). Even the simple thing like walking around your terrace, front/back yard can do wonders.

Most people seem to exercise their bodies but not their minds. Exercising the mind is as essential as the body, if not more. And it is even more needed in a stressful situation like this. So close your eyes, cross your legs, and start meditating. Empty your mind and concentrate on the nothingness. Even just 5 minutes of meditation can help boost your mental health and stay productive throughout the day. If you want to take it to the next level, you can always watch a video on how to meditate properly. There are even apps like Calm and Headspace that guide you on how to meditate. So give them a go!


Don’t Overthink

Sometimes the best way to remain productive is to not overthink. Maybe you have been productive all the time. Maybe this is a much-needed break for you. So just relax for the time being and surround yourself with your loved ones. Spend some time with your parents, grandparents, kids. Once the world gets back to normal, you will be your own productive self again.

So there you have it! Some of my ‘Suggestions’ on how to stay productive. I hope this helps you make a decision on how you want to utilize your time. As mentioned earlier, if you have anything that I missed out or can add to this article feel free to leave a comment down below.

Now to end this article with a clever quote. Ok wait, let me think. Umm, what should I say, so many options.

“You are not stuck at home, you are safe at home”.

Ok, definitely this one. So folks stay home, stay safe. And let’s beat Corona together!

If you don’t do so, here is a video for you. Cheers!

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