Apple stepping into VR and AR headset market

by Saroj Upreti
Apple stepping into VR and AR headset market

Apple, the tech giant is pivoting into the VR and AR headset markets and is set to become a gamechanger in this niche segments. According to some rumoured details surfaced on the internet, Apple is building a wireless headset that comes with an amalgamation of VR and AR technologies.

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Apple stepping into VR and AR headset market

The VR/AR headset from Apple will sport a display panel of 8K resolution for each spherical lens totalling to a whopping 16k resolution. This is a massive high-resolution display panel that makes the virtual experience more life-like. No more pixelated graphics! The experience is going to be crisp with sharp video quality and an exotic VR gaming session. Trusts me your mind is going to be thrilled like never before.

Apple AR/VR headset will be powered by Apple’s own chipset manufactured with the 5nm technology. This tightly packed transistors boost incredible performance and will be able to handle AR/VR tasks efficiently. With Apple embracing AR/VR in its iPhone line-up, it is safe to assume that Apple has a special spot for AR/VR as a core technology. Apple definitely wants to embark the journey of augmented reality and innovate in this field!

Apple’s headset will be equipped with an array of cameras and sensors that tracks and maps the surrounding to create life-like augmented reality.The headset is expected to be run by reality operating system that accepts commands through a plethora of options like touch panels, remote joysticks, head gestures and voice activation. The AR/VR system will also be well-integrated with Apple entire ecosystem. This will foster developers to develop AR/VR apps through its ARkit program.

While Apple is enforcing Mac users to be addicted to dongles, wires, and stuff, but at the same time, it is trying to make a breakthrough to debut gorgeous cordless AR headsets as a new industry standard. The headset is also rumoured to connect to a dedicated box with a high speed short-range wireless technology called 60GHz WiGig.

Apple stepping into VR and AR headset markets

Apple has been a spectator in headset market until now and delving itself as a gamechanger in this industry is a bit challenging. A strategic alliance is a successful tactic often seen in the headset industry. Brands like Samsung partnering with Oculus, Microsoft with Hololens, Google with Daydream can be widely found. And now for Apple, with no-one to partner, is a bit challenging and difficult. But one thing is for sure, we’re gonna see some radical innovation from Apple in the headset segments.

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