#vivographers Campaign in Nepal

by Tubuntu2

Smartphone cameras are getting better and better with every launch of a new phone. Vivo has also launched its own set of phones that use breathtaking pictures with its multiple cameras. More mobile users are getting better and composing and taking stunning pictures just with what they have in their pockets. Vivo has therefore started a campaign #vivographers that attempts at shining a light on these photographers and their work.

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#vivographers Campaign and Visit Nepal 2020

The key objective of the #vivographers campaign from Vivo smartphones is to promote mobile photographers and different tourist locations here in Nepal. So, by sharing the beauty captured by the photographers, Vivo will also be promoting the ‘Visit Nepal 2020’ campaign.

Vivo has already shortlisted five photographers with different focus and categories to showcase their work. The following are the shortlisted #vivographers whose photos will be shared for the campaign.


Take a look at their Instagram profiles to get a better view of their work till now.

#vivographers campaign will start from 8th December, 2019. So better keep an eye on that hashtag and the profiles mentioned above to see what’s coming.

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