Samsung Galaxy Note9: Cool S-Pen tips & tricks

by Samrat Amatya
Samsung Galaxy Note9 S-Pen tips and tricks

One of the most defining features of the Note series, from Samsung, has always been the S-Pen. This Samsung made stylus differentiates it from the others and makes the note well, the note. Over the course of time, we have seen the various iteration of the S-Pen. It has gotten better and more useful over the timespan. And the S-Pen on the Samsung Galaxy Note9 is more useful than ever. It is no more just an appendage! The S-Pen on the Note9 is now Bluetooth enabled with its own charging mechanism. This helps open a number of doors on what the S-Pen can do. So here are some of the coolest things you can do with the product defining S-Pen.

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Samsung Galaxy Note9 S-Pen tips and tricks

Camera shutter

With its Bluetooth capability, the S-Pen on the Galaxy Note9 can play the role of a camera shutter. You can easily open the camera app and start taking pictures with the S-Pen. This is especially useful when you want to take a group photo! You can set it up and use the S-Pen to capture the shot instead of missing a group member in the photo. And during my time with the phone, I did just that. I was at my friends birthday party and I made full use of this feature! I got all my friends to sit down while I set the phone on the parallel couch. I then joined the group and took the snap with the S-Pen. It definitely stopped me from missing out on the group portraiture.

Another neat trick is the ability to switch cameras with just a double press on the S-Pen. Again here since the Note9 is a bit too big, it is difficult to hit the shutter button especially for my lady friends who have smaller hands. So with the S-Pen, they could just hold the phone with one hand, pose, and take the selfie from the other hand (S-Pen out of frame). And if it is a group selfie, one can hold the phone while the other clicks on the S-Pen out of frame.

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Review in Nepal

And finally to add to the convenience is the ability to fire up the camera app, even when the screen is off, by long pressing on the S-Pen button. This is a quick way to open up the camera app and start taking pictures remotely. Overall, this feature is quite cool and has helped me out a lot.

Screen-Off Memo

Screen-Off Memo is one of the benefits of having an S-Pen and owning a Note device. When you pull out the S-Pen from its slot, when the screen is off, a notepad immediately opens. The notepad is muted compared to its screen-on counterpart! This can be used to quickly jot down any information like phone numbers, address, to-do activities, or a grocery list. It not only saves time but also helps you not miss out on the information. You can also pin this information to your always-on-display so that you don’t forget it. A very useful tool from Samsung!

Samsung Galaxy Note9 S-Pen tips and tricks

Something cool with this feature is the color of the virtual pen. It differs according to the color of the S-Pen. So suppose you have a Blue Note9 with a yellow-tip S-Pen, the color of the writing will also be yellow. While the Black Note9 has a white and the Copper-Gold sports the corresponding color writing. And oh! you can get additional S-Pen to play around with colors if you fancy such things.


One of the most fun ways of using the S-Pen is obviously drawing with it. Since I am not that good at drawing, I stick to coloring stuff. And Samsung has just the app for you! In the Air Command menu, there is a coloring option available. Once you open it up, you will be greeted with hundreds of the colorable figures. More figures are added on a daily basis courtesy of the Pen-Up community. You can use the S-Pen to precisely color the figures to your heart’s desire. I love the app and it is a great little way to spend some free time. I know, not the most useful features but a cool feature to have.

Samsung Galaxy Note9 S-Pen tips and tricks

Screen Write

One of my most used S-Pen features is screen write. I use it on a daily basis! Whether it is to point out some information or to goof off by drawing on top of a friends photo. As the name suggests, the feature basically lets you take a screenshot of your current screen and allows you to write on it. The S-Pen gives you a physical pen feeling rather than having to draw with your finger. It is just one of those features that are so convenient yet we overlook them. To be 100% honest, this is the feature that makes me not want to switch to other non-note devices. It is just that useful! The Note will always be a phone I will carry, either as a primary or a secondary device.

Document Signer

For someone like me, who is constantly signing documents on the go, having the S-Pen is a boon. I can easily sign documents without much hassle. Instead of having to print a contract, signing it, and then again scanning it, I can digitally sign it. It saves me a lot of time and also resources. I use the Samsung made Write on PDF app to sign any type of documents. It is simple to use and works well with the S-Pen. You can easily change the color, thickness of the ink, and also the type of Pen from the app. And oh! If you are not satisfied or find mistakes in the contract, you can highlight clauses, point out mistakes and send it back to the concerned party. A handy feature to have!

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Review in Nepal

The S-Pen on the Samsung Galaxy Note9 is very useful and comes in handy at times. It is a product-defining feature that has slowly evolved over time. And the S-Pen on the Note9 is a perfect example of this evolution. Me personally, I love this feature and use it all the time. The Note always holds a special place in my heart! One of the reasons being the S-Pen and its functionality. And that’s why I am using the Samsung Galaxy Note9 as my daily driver!

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