Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to be Unveiled on August 7

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Price in Nepal

The biggest smartphone launch of 2019 is almost here. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 leaks have already surfaced for the new smartphone champion and Samsung is ready to launch Galaxy Note 10 on August 7.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Features, Camera, Price

Before we dive into the rumors let’s clear the point about Galaxy Note 10 price. The phone looks like it will be the most expensive phone from Samsung. Recently, the launch of S10 phones blew the roof with the highest ever price of $1,399 for 512GB variant of S10 5G. Since Samsung is likely to follow this pricing trend, the more premium Galaxy Note 10 price might hover around $1,500 for the highest end version. Hence, Note 10 is going to be expensive and you will get the best of Android smartphones in a great package.

Galaxy Note 10 Design Leak


This mock-up from Ben Geskin shows a single front camera design at the center on a punch-hole cut-out. Since Samsung uses curved edges in its flagship phones like in S10, the phone will have a seamless side-bezel. The top and bottom chins are almost non-existent and give the phone a gorgeous look.

Galaxy Note 10 display will span at 6.3 to 6.7 inches. The back cameras on Note 10 haven’t been confirmed yet but is expected to use a 3D-depth sensing camera.


Despite the secrecy from Samsung, it is obvious that Galaxy Note 10 will feature Snapdragon 855 processor and an Exynos equivalent. The RAM configurations might be more interesting this year, as the phone aims to be a workhorse phone. As a result, to handle heavy multitasking, the phone should pack RAM specs at around 8GB. Add or remove 2 to 4 gigs of RAM for cheaper or pricier options.

Despite all the flashy specs on these new phones, they are worth much less if the phone doesn’t pack serious power. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Leaks haven’t enlightened us much regarding the batteries. But, hopefully, Galaxy Note 10 battery will pack plenty of charge for heavy use.

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