POCOPHONE F1 Back on Daraz starting today @12 PM

by Tubuntu2

The Pocophone F1 is finally back on sale at Daraz! The major draw for the phone was it’s attractive hardware performance on an astonishing budget price. Many readers have been inquiring about the phone’s next arrival in Nepal. We are happy to announce that the Pocophone F1 will be on sale from today Feb 1, 12 PM onwards, at Daraz.

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The first phone of its name, Pocophone F1 turned lots of heads around the world for its amazing specs, which directly contested with 2018’s premium and expensive phones. It featured a full-fledged Snapdragon 845 processor with a combo of 6 or 8 GB RAM. While every flagship shipped with this same processor and premium build and price, Pocophone F1 was introduced in Nepali market at a price of Rs. 34,999. A similar ‘budget’ flagship from OnePlus, the OnePlus 6T was launched with a base price of Rs. 60,000. The price difference is hard to miss, so the phone was a remarkable piece of tech to own in a budget.


Pocophone F1 Daraz Sale Overview

Pocophone F1 definitely delivers in performance, but it sure has it’s limitations and shortcomings compared to more expensive devices. F1 has a plastic build and ships with a budget-oriented 6.18 inch IPS LCD display. This display can’t really compare to the AMOLED displays that come with other flagships. But, it is certainly on par with other phones in its budget range. It has a generic phone design with a front notch and a fingerprint scanner at the back.

On the imaging side, Pocophone F1 packs a 12MP f/1.8 primary sensor and a 5MP depth sensor at the back. This dual camera setup is common on many devices and it performs well in Pocophone. One surprising blind test conducted by a Tech Youtuber, MKBHD, performed on Twitter put this phone’s images against other phones. This phone came second on this test beating other flagships such as OnePlus 6T and Galaxy Note 9. This doesn’t prove that Pocophone F1’s camera is superior to others, however, this shows how good the phone’s camera is. The phone has a 20MP front camera that also performs well but has the same issues that plague selfie cameras on other phones.

Pocophone F1 Daraz Sale

Get ready to cash in on the best deal you will get in early 2019. The Pocophone F1 is the phone to get on this budget of Rs 34,999. Check out the sale on Daraz’s website!

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