POCO X3 NFC: Top 5 Features

by Samrat Amatya
POCO X3 NFC Top Features

The POCO X3 NFC is one of the hottest mid-tier smartphones in the market right now. It has been able to achieve a level of fineness only a few phones reach. From its design to its polished software there is a lot to like about the POCO X3 NFC. In this article let’s explore all the best traits of the phone.

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POCO X3 NFC Top Features

MIUI 12 x POCO Launcher

You knew this was coming! The software of the POCO X3 NFC is undoubtedly the best thing about the phone. It is what makes it unique from the rest of the competition. Xiaomi has always been about the software and the community behind it. I am really happy that Xiaomi brought that same level of finesse to the POCO lineup of phones.

The overall OS is super smooth with no lags or stutters whatsoever. The POCO launcher further adds to the experience by giving revamped icons over its Xiaomi counterpart. I enjoyed every aspect of the phone’s software. From the funky animations to the way the phone integrates with the hardware, I love it. The software definitely is one of the best features of the POCO X3 NFC.

POCO X3 NFC Price in Nepal


If you are big on the power you simply can’t go wrong with the POCO X3 NFC. It is the most powerful phone available at this price point. At the heart of it all sits the Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G SoC backed by 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. The processor is powerful enough to tear through any task you throw at it. We tried playing graphic-intensive titles such as PUBG and Free Fire on the phone. And man, we are really impressed.

The gameplay was smooth with no lags or stutters. We were able to get some amazing gameplay from the phone. If you are looking for a device to game on, the POCO X3 NFC should be your first choice. And that’s not all! The phone packs a large to 5160mAh battery. This paired with the SoC will give you superb performance all day long. Something else that impressed me is the phone charging brick. With 33W of charging speed, I was able to juice up the phone in record time. Truly impressed!

120Hz Display

Having a 120Hz display at this price is crazy enough and the one on the POCO X3 NFC is pretty good. Trust me once you start using a 120Hz display, a normal 60Hz panel will start feeling slow to you.

To be honest, the POCO X3 NFC is the first 120Hz display that I have used. And I didn’t immediately feel the difference. Yes, it was smooth and my brain automatically translated that being the works of the powerful internals or the software. I noticed the difference when I changed the setting of the phone between 60Hz and 120Hz that I fully understood the difference. And man I can’t explain what a variation the two setting makes. The phone becomes buttery smooth not just to the touch but to the eyes as well. This completely changed the way I interacted with the phone.

POCO X3 NFC Top Features


The POCO X3 NFC has one of the better cameras in this price range. The phone packs a quad-camera set up made by an f/1.9 64MP wide, f/2.2 13MP ultra-wide, f/2.4 2MP depth, and an f/2.4 2MP macro sensor. These combinations make for some amazing picture-taking experience. The images are crisp and the colors are vibrant, just the way I like it.

And if you want to crank up the picture quality, you should try installing the Google Camera. This simple change can take your phone’s image quality to a whole new level. The details using the app were simply breathtaking. If you do get this phone, try using this app to click photos. You will definitely be blown away.

The phone also comes with an f/2.2 20MP front camera for all your selfie and video calls. The image quality from the shooter was really good for the occasional selfies. However, I do wish the front snapper had the same level of vibrance as its rear counterpart.

POCO X3 NFC Top Features

Verdict – POCO X3 NFC Top Features

So there we have it. The best that the POCO X3 NFC has to offer. The phone definitely checks all the right boxes. If you looking to buy a smartphone under Rs 35,000 you simply can’t go wrong with the POCO X3 NFC. It is just the best at this price point!

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