OPPO F7 better than the Huawei Nova 3e: 5 reasons

by Samrat Amatya
Oppo F7 better than Huawei Nova 3e: 5 reasons

The OPPO F7 and the Huawei Nova 3e are two of the hottest premium mid-range smartphone under Rs 40,000 right now in Nepal. The OPPO F7 is priced at Rs 36,590 while the Nova 3e comes in at Rs 35,900. Both these devices have their own strengths and weakness making them a unique piece of technology. In the last article, we talked about 5 reasons why the Nova 3e is better than the OPPO F7. So in this one, we are going to talk about 5 reasons why the OPPO F7 is better than its Huawei counterpart.

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Huawei Nova 3e is better than the Oppo F7: 5 reasons

1. Better Performance

The OPPO F7 is a snappy phone! The onboard octa-core MediaTek MT6771 Helio P60 processor coupled with 4GB of RAM makes it a smooth performer. Although the Huawei Nova 3e is fast, it is not as fast as the OPPO F7. The phone, in this iteration, also offers a seamless UI experience. The Color OS 5.0 is a bit nimble and fluid than EMUI on the Nova 3e. This combination of a powerful processor and smooth UI makes the phone a great performer. The OPPO F7 definitely outperforms the Nova 3e in more ways than one!

Oppo F7 better than Huawei Nova 3e: 5 reasons

2. Display

The OPPO F7 packs a 6.23-inch Full HD display which is a bit better than the one on the Nova 3e. The panel, on the OPPO handset, is more bright making it a great companion for outdoor visibility. The Nova 3e lacks a bit of brightness, making it not so ideal in direct sunlight.

The display on the OPPO F7 also comes encased with Corning Gorilla Glass 5, which is an excellent addition. The Nova 3e doesn’t have this protection, making it prone to scuffs and scratches. F7 also comes with a slightly higher screen-to-body ratio at 82.5% while the 3e comes in at 80.5%. Not a noticeable difference, but still worth mentioning!

F7 and Nova 3e

3. Selfie camera

The OPPO F7 packs a whopping 25MP front camera with an f/2.0 aperture. This, without a doubt, is one of the highest megapixel counts on a selfie camera of a smartphone. Not only that but the camera also has A.I technology, backing it up. This makes for beautified selfies that don’t look too unnatural. Selfies, to be honest, from this shooter, was phenomenal with a great number of details, vibrancy, and clarity. This definitely shows just why OPPO touts itself as a “selfie expert and leader”.

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The Huawei Nova 3e, on the other hand, packs a f/2.0 16MP front camera which can take some good selfies. They, however, are not as good as the ones from the OPPO F7. If you are solely looking for a kickass selfie shooter, the OPPO F7, without any dismay, should be your pick.

OPPO F7 and Huawei Nova 3e

4. Better Speaker & Color Option

Both the OPPO F7 and the Huawei Nova 3e has a bottom-firing mono speaker. But among the two, the speaker on the F7 is the loudest. It also has an acceptable level of bass, adding a punch to the sounds. The speaker on the Nova 3e is loud, but not as loud as the F7. It also packs ways less bass than its OPPO counterpart.

On a different note, the F7 comes in three color variants- Solar Red, Diamond Black, and Moonlight Silver. The Solar Red and the Moonlight Silver color variants look absolutely stunning, adding just that much oomph to the design. The Nova 3e, on the contrary, comes in a Mid-night Black and Klein Blue color option. The Klien Blue color does look good, but the options on the Huawei side is limited. I would have loved to see a Red or a silver Nova 3e! The soon to be launched Sakura Pink color may, however, level out the playing field, especially for you ladies. Bust as of right now, the Oppo F7 has a better choice of color variants.

OPPO F7 vs Huawei Nova 3e

5. Battery

The OPPO F7 packs a 3400mAh battery while the Nova 3e comes in shy with a 3000mAh battery. The sheer size of the battery cell on the F7 is bigger than that of its Huawei rival. Not only that, but the real-world translation is more or less the same. The OPPO F7 offers an insane battery life! I was easily able to get 5-6 hours of on-screen time with my medium to heavy usage of the phone. While the Nova 3e got me 4-5 hours of onscreen time with similar usage. The standby time of the F7 is also great, lasting a full 2 days, with light-weight usage, before needing a charge. The Nova 3e, on the contrary, has a good battery life but couldn’t match up to the OPPO F7.

OPPO F7 vs Huawei Nova 3e

So these were some of the reasons why the OPPO F7 is better than the Huawei Nova 3e. We also have another article where we talk about why the Huawei Nova 3e is better than the OPPO F7. That said, both these phones are excellent devices and come in roughly at the same price. There is no doubt, users will be more satisfied with the purchase of any of the two smartphones.

OPPO F7 vs Huawei Nova 3e

Thank you for reading the comparison between the OPPO F7 and the Huawei Nova 3e! If you have any questions regarding OPPO F7 vs Huawei Nova 3e, feel free to drop them in the comments down below. And for more comparisons like this, like our  Facebook page and also visit our website regularly. Please also subscribe to Phones In Nepal Youtube channel for awesome unboxing, hands-on, review, tech news, and tips and tricks videos.

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