Ventilation: What should it be?

by Samrat Amatya

The human body is the most complicated biological structure, which for normal functioning requires compliance with a number of equally essential parameters. Simply put, a person can feel normally only in a certain microclimate, when it is too hot, or cold, or wet, or dusty, or zagazno, well-being can not be good. This problem is relevant for housing, and for offices, and in production it is one of the painful. When there are many different aggregates in the room, which not only heat the air around themselves, but also can allocate dangerous evaporation and dust particles, it is necessary to think through ways to secure people there from harmful effects.
A modern way to eliminate such a danger is an aspiration operating in the "Hooding" mode of ventilation of buildings in which gases and drop-like or solid small particles of harmful substances are removed from the room.
The thermoregulation in the premises is no less important. Maintaining comfortable conditions during the cold season is carried out using heating, and air conditioning systems are used to reduce the temperature during the hot period. All rooms where people live, work, rest or somehow spend time, must have a normal system that supports the optimal temperature, as well as high-quality ventilation and exhaustion (extract). For housing stock, kindergartens, schools, offices are relevant problem of providing purified water. And it is also desirable that all systems that have just been said about have been connected to a single control panel, it is in the language of specialists called "dispatching". Suppose, in some city, for example, in Novosibirsk, there is a private person or an enterprise, who wants to equip the premises who belong to him at once with the whole complex of these systems. This person or enterprise knows that the heating in Novosibirsk can establish the company A, ventilation - the company B, and so on according to the alphabet. If you try all the necessary companies to force all the equipment simultaneously in the room, most likely, nothing good will succeed. Everyone knows that "in seven nannies a child without an eye."
It cannot but rejoice that there are engineering companies that take solve the problem of creating an optimal microclimate in the premises immediately in all necessary parameters. The customer coming to the services of such engineering companies is provided simultaneously by all systems necessary for thermoregulation, air purification, water supply (including drinking water supply).
In the same Novosibirsk there is a wonderful Holding of Technion, who successfully ensures the creation of comfortable conditions in buildings for the entire Siberian region. It is safe to say that heating and air conditioning and ventilation are offered in the complex and at the highest level. Buy in installments with a discount, sale.

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