Instant paysafe casinos new zealand

by Samrat Amatya

Online versions of games have become popular mainly because of their accessibility, computerisation and simple interfaces. It should also be noted that various casino bonuses and other free deposits, as well as various promotions, also entice players by assuring them of the huge winnings that are to come. Today, in order to take part in online casino games, all you need is access to the virtual internet and your location is completely irrelevant.

A worldwide study was not only aimed at identifying the most gambling country playing online casino games, but also the country that visits land-based gambling establishments the most. It turned out that the leader in the second named criterion was Singapore. In this country, the gambling industry is gaining momentum and it may very soon take a leading position in the field. Unique gambling projects have been built in Singapore which every gambling fan wants to get into. There are several more such grandiose projects currently under construction, the completion of which the players are eagerly awaiting. Thus, the development and increase in the number of gambling establishments has also increased the number of players leaving decent amounts of money in the casinos. According to a worldwide study, a resident of Singapore spends about $1,174 a year. Tax proceeds to the budget of this country from gambling business make considerable percent of all incomes of the state. If we compare Australia or Singapore with other countries, for example, residents of Spain, Italy and Greece spend approximately three times less on any gambling. This is the case even though Spaniards, Italians and Greeks have an earlier start to gamble in various games of chance than the Australians and Singaporeans.

This is not the only study, which was conducted to analyze the gamblers in different countries. For example, in 2010, a survey was conducted for Europeans to find out which country is rich in gamblers as well. This study included both online casinos and offline gambling establishments. It turned out that about 80% of Italians and Spaniards at least once played gambling for money (real money), noting that they were very attracted to casino bonuses. Thus, they were the leaders on this criterion in the whole of Europe. After such a study, the Italian and Spanish authorities began to think about gambling legislation, imposing various restrictions.

But no matter what studies and surveys were conducted, Germany has always remained the country where people are least exposed to gambling. This is not surprising, as everyone knows that Germans are very sensible and practical natures. Before investing their hard-earned money in something, they think through all the details, running through their minds the possible options and outcomes. As a rule, Germans are not guided by chance and luck, the main thing for them is common sense. That is why any gambling does not attract them much attention, on the contrary, it makes them wary. However, all people like to have fun and the Germans are no exception. For instance, about 50% of Germans who were surveyed said that they had been to a gambling house at least once in their life. But apparently, when visiting them, they hardly ever leave there any lost money or stop in time. It must be said that in Germany gambling establishments are mostly visited only by tourists.


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