OPPO Enters 4 New Markets including the UK

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New Markets for OPPO

OPPO has grown its influence in Asian markets with its wide range of products. As a part of its efforts to expand beyond this hemisphere, OPPO has recently expanded its operations to 4 new markets with launches in the United Kingdom, Poland, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia.

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New Markets for OPPO

OPPO smartphones are advertised with good optics and design focus. The market has responded quite well to OPPO phones and therefore, OPPO is a major smartphone provider right now competing with the likes of Samsung and Xiaomi. For South-Asia and Nepal, OPPO provides a variety of products at a budget and mid-range pricing. OPPO phones focus on offering good camera capability and design.

New Markets For OPPO

OPPO officially launched in Saudi Arabia on 28th January with its R17 series smartphones. The phones offered in this new market should increase in number as the market matures. OPPO also announced it’s second MAE hub in Dubai, UAE as it’s base of operations for the Middle East region. This also is a significant step towards establishing OPPO as a brand in the UAE.

On January 29th, OPPO organized its launch event at Tower Bridge in London which introduced OPPO to its initial European consumers. Following the launch in the UK, OPPO also launched in Turkey, further expanding its Eastern market potential. Poland was another country that received new OPPO products after it’s launch. OPPO phone series like Find X, RX17 series and A series launched in Poland completing the 4 launches from OPPO.

New Markets for OPPO

These new markets have added to the pre-existing European market comprising of France, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands. OPPO already has 9 major markets set up at the beginning of 2019 in Europe. This shows the expansion of OPPO as a brand to the western nations, moving from its original market in South Asia.

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Entering new markets does mean access to larger consumers. But, OPPO could struggle in these markets with the existing popularity of premium brands like Apple. OPPO should prepare for this competition and might have to introduce new phones catered to the demands of these new markets. Maybe, they can succeed as they did in Asia, or fail if their phones can’t fit the market.

New Markets for OPPO

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