Nep Manch – A Nepali entertainment hub

by Samrat Amatya
Nep Manch - A Nepali entertainment hub

There is a new entertainment app in town, Nep Manch! Unlike the slew of apps in the Play/App Store, Nep Manch plays a perfect role as a curator for many multi-media services. It combines various key services into one app, making life a bit more easy and enjoyable. Nep Manch provides entertainment, fun and informational content to the Nepalese people. Features like videos, music, celebrities, live radio and Nepali Bazar are all here. So with all these services is the app any good? Well, let’s us take a deeper look at the app and find out ourselves.

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Nep Manch - A Nepali entertainment hub

I have been using the Nepal Manch app for almost 2 weeks now and to be honest I love it! It has been my center of entertainment for the days I have been using it. Before we get into more of that, let’s take a quick overview of the app. First and foremost, after opening the app, you are taken to a homepage which has this slideshow of the recent trending videos. There are also tiles showing Featured items, music videos and a sortation of different celebrities. Swipe anywhere to the left, and you will trigger a hamburger style menu with all the social media links of the app. You also have the option to send the developers a personalized message.

Swipe right from the home screen, and again you get a hamburger menu with tabs like Welcome (Home), Videos, Music, Celebrity, Live Radio, Nepal Bazaar, and a contact and close option. These lists are further sub-divided into various options to make the user experience and navigation much more smoother. For those wondering what Nepal Bazaar is, well, it is a compilation of various stores and restaurants along with their address and contact number.

Nep Manch - A Nepali entertainment hub

Now you don’t need to install a bunch of apps to make up an entertainment hub. You can do it all with the new Nep Manch app. Watching videos, listening to some Nepali songs, dancing a bit to the radio, and discovering new Celebrities has been made easier by the app. Grab some popcorn and fire up a Youtube video, and when bored turn on some classic tunes by Narayan Gopal or Adrian Pradhan.

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And, later, when you want to order something to eat, you can call from the list of Nepali restaurants mentioned in the app. That said, the restaurants are limited to the ones located in the USA (Developers being from the US). Great for Nepali brothers and sisters living in the states. Not so, for people living here! I hope, the reach of this feature increases to the stores and restaurants located here in Nepal in due time. And speaking of increment, when playing a video there is no option for a fullscreen view. The video plays in a small pop up screen which is rather annoying. Hopefully, the developers of the app will fix these two issues very soon.

Nep Manch - A Nepali entertainment hub

Besides that, I love everything the app has to offer. It gives up a vibe that it is truly trying to promote Nepali content. And in actuality, it is! You will find just Nepali content all over the app. So if you are someone who loves to keep up to date about your favorite Nepali shows, music, celebrity, and even Youtubers, you should check this app out. That said, the app still has a tremendous space for growth. And maybe in the near future, the devs will add new features and services catered more towards the people of Nepal.

Thank you for reading! For more information on the new Nep Manch, like our Facebook page and subscribe to our Youtube channel. If you have any questions or confusions, please feel free to ask them in the comments down below. We will answer them as soon as possible.

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