Huawei Nova 2i better than the Oppo F5: 5 reasons

by Samrat Amatya

When looking for a good mid-tier smartphone under Rs 35,000, right now, you will probably come across two names- The Huawei Nova 2i and the Oppo F5. Both the phones are focused towards the camera and provide better bang for the buck. According to a recent report, however, the Huawei Nova 2i is the best selling smartphone, at the price range, in Nepal. And we tend to agree with this statement as the Huawei Nova 2i was highly impressive during our testing. So, here are 5 reasons to showcase why the Nova 2i is just that much better than the Oppo F5.

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Huawei Nova 2i is better than Oppo F5: 5 reasons

1. Quad-cameras

The Huawei Nova 2i packs a quad-cameras setup, unlike the Oppo F5 which just packs the regular set of cameras. This gives Huawei the opportunity to bring tons of features including the bokeh/portrait mode. The cameras have a DSLR like output which equips the photos with a shallow depth of field. Unlike Oppo, Huawei focuses more on quality than the Megapixel (MP) count. The quad-camera also brings other fun features like the Moving Picture Mode, Wide aperture Mode which is a fun way to take photos.

Not only the features, but the actual camera quality is also better. Images from the Nova 2i are more vivid and lifelike. It also performs better than the Oppo F5 in low light with sharper images and a minimal amount of grain. Overall, the cameras on the Huawei Nova 2i are better than that of the Oppo F5.

Huawei Nova 2i is better than Oppo F5: 5 reasons

2. Modern UI

To be completely honest, I have not been a big fan of the UI on Oppo smartphones. The Color OS, from Oppo, just looks like a poor imitation of IOS. The EMUI software on Huawei smartphones, on the other hand, is more modern looking and feature rich. The overall UI, including the icons, looks much better on the Nova 2i compared to the F5.

The UI on the Nova 2i is also highly customizable with the option to use an app drawer if need be. The Oppo F5 completely lacks this feature! I know, a quick download of a third party launcher will solve this problem, but having it pre-built is always a welcomed addition.

Huawei Nova 2i is better than Oppo F5: 5 reasons

3. A.R capabilities

Something new with the Huawei Nova 2i is the AR capabilities. What this feature does is that it makes use of Augmented Reality (AR) to add a fun overlay on your face, very reminiscent of Snapchat. Besides that, you can also change the background of your photo, in real time, which is a neat addition. Additional overlays and Backgrounds are downloadable from the Play store via the app Pitu. You can also add a background image from your own gallery if you so choose to do so. It’s a great way to send a cute selfie to your significant other, especially for you ladies. This is a fun little feature which sets the Nova 2i apart from the Oppo F5.

4. Better battery life

Right of the back, the Huawei Nova 2i has a slightly larger battery at 3340mAh compared to the 3200mAh on the Oppo F5. Not only that but the actual longevity of the battery life of the Nova 2i is greater than that of the F5. During our testing, the Nova 2i lasted a bit longer than the Oppo F5. This may be largely thanks to the in-house HiSilicon Kirin 659 processor and the power-efficient EMUI 8.0. Huawei having control of both the chipset and the software gives it an overall edge. Having said that, both the phones come with a USB Type 2.0 port and no quick charge support, which is a bummer.

5. Premium Design

The Oppo F5 sports a plastic body which is a shame for a phone costing around Rs 30,000 here in Nepal. The Nova 2i, on the other hand, offers a metallic build giving the phone a premium look. Not only the looks but the phone also feels quite good in the hands with a balanced heft to it. The Nova 2i also comes in an exciting Aurora Blue color compared to the only two traditional colors (Black, Gold) of the F5. Clearly, the phone is a more premium product compared to the plastic(y) Oppo F5.

The Huawei Nova 2i definitely is a better pick among the two. It has a lot to more to offer for the similar cost. While the Oppo F5 focuses more on selfies, the Nova 2i steals the crown with an overall great package. Undoubtedly, the Huawei Nova 2i is a better smartphone than the Oppo F5.

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