Foodmandu Online Food Fest Begins: Deals starting @ Rs 1

by Samrat Amatya
Foodmandu Online Food Fest

Foodmandu, a well-known food delivery service, is hosting its annual Online Food Fest starting today (15th Jan). Sounds interesting? Well, we haven’t even gotten to the good part yet. Besides offering other amazing deals, Foodmandu is offering your favorite at just Rs 1. Yes, you heard it right! An “ek rupaya ko coin” for a full meal. If this sounds crazy, let us check out some of the other offers in this event.

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Foodmandu Online Food Fest

Foodmandu Online Food Fest Highlights

Unlike other Food fests, you don’t have to move anywhere. You can be a part of this event from the comfort of your couch. All you have to do is fire up Foodmandu’s website and Wah-Lah you are already there. Once on the website, you can choose from a variety multicultural cuisine from over 30 restaurants. Besides the food, there are also a lot of other attractions.

Flash Sales

As the name suggests, the Fash Sale is a limited time offer. During the Foodmandu Online Food Fest, the Fash Sale will happen two times in a day. Once from 1 PM to 2 PM and next from 7 PM to 8 PM every day.

Sabai Rs 1 Ma

Like we mentioned earlier, every food items will be available for Rs 1 for a limited time. Unlike flash sales, the Rs 1 offer will persist throughout the day but on different items. So you will need to be prompt to take full advantage of this offer.

Do note, since Foodmandu has a Rs 400 minimum order policy, you will need to order something else. I know a bit meh but not a bad deal though! Plus you do get a free Sombersby with every order.

Mystery Bag

Mystery Box is a surprise box, filled with different food items, from the participating restaurants. You can choose from either veg or non-veg option. Foodmandu will randomly decide what to bring to you. A great option if your feeling unsure about what to order!

Foodmandu Online Food Fest

Online Games

What is a fest without games right? So to spice things up, Foodmandu has various fun games for you to participate in. Winners of the game will receive various vouchers and coupon codes.

App Exclusive Offer

Besides the usual discounts, Foodmandu is also offering an additional discount to users who pay though Khalti. The users of the Digital Wallet will get 20% cashback on their purchase. A compelling offer!

Treasure Box

Get your hooks and eye-patches, we are going for a treasure hunt! Foodmandu, for their Online Food Fest, is offering various Treasure Chest. Just strolling through their website, you can stumble upon a treasure box which will contain food vouchers ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 1000.

Overall, the Foodmandu Online Food Fest seems quite interesting. For food lovers, it is a great opportunity to treat yourself with your favorite meal. Besides food, Foodmandu is also offering various games, vouchers, and other attractive offers. The event lasts for 10 days, ending on the 24th of January. So, hurry up if you want to grab a bite of your favorite meal at the cheapest price possible.

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