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The impact of Corona Virus a.k.a COVID-19 has spread throughout the globe, finally hitting Nepal following the shutdown of the country. Several cases of Coronavirus infections and deaths have been reported worldwide, as the cases of deaths rise in Italy every day. This has widely instilled fear and doubts in Nepali citizens since there were no reported cases of Coronavirus. Therefore, many parties are taking advantage of the uncertainty and fear by circulating fake news regarding Coronavirus through social media and the internet.

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To tackle this, Fusemachines Nepal has launched a website, that functions as an online hub to check official news regarding Coronavirus in Nepal, along with essential statistics and preventive methods required to fight COVID-19.

Trust Official Sources only

The circulation of fake news is boosted by unsuspecting users who don’t check the source of the news. So, all of us must follow and share news coming from official news channels, websites and media outlets. If a piece of information is said to come from the government, seek out the official notice published before taking a random site or Facebook page’s word for it. overview

Twitter Feed News Collection

The website has included a twitter feed that retweets posts and news articles from reputed online news publications like The Kathmandu Post, The Himalayan Times, Republica, OnlineKhabar, etc. So, if you need to know the latest ongoings in Nepal regarding the virus, check them regularly.


Nepal COVID-19 Statistics, Data

In the center, you can see the data showing the no. of infected people, those who have recovered and also the total no. of deaths caused by Coronavirus in Nepal alongside the global statistics.

Nepal Hospitals for Coronavirus COVID-19

As of the date of writing this article, Nepal Government is still planning major steps to deal with Coronavirus in Nepal. Currently, website lists two hospitals for testing COVID-19 virus:

  • Sukraraj Tropical And Infectious Disease Hospital
  • Patan Hospital

This information is subject to change as more resources are made available to more hospitals in the future.

Emergency Contacts at Sukararaj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital

  • Dr. Shrawan K. Mishra: 9851168220
  • Dr. Ranjit Shah: 9872701465
  • Mr. Rajesh K. Gupta: 9851239988
  • Mr. Dinesh Thapa Magar: 9823168540 (Nights only)
  • Mr. Naresh Thapa Magar: 9803152149 (Nights only)
For more detailed info on hospitals, testing and news on new cases of Coronavirus in Nepal, please refer to the website
Stay Safe, Stay healthy, and don’t forget to wash your hands guys.

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