Breeno officially Launched: An OPPO made Virtual Assistant

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Breeno Oppo AI

OPPO, the selfie oriented smartphone company, has officially released its virtual AI, Breeno. Following every other tech company, OPPO recently announced its virtual assistant at its Developer Conference with a few important commitments and feature teasers to give us an idea about the AI. Breeno will provide services based on 7 modules like advice, screen recognition, awareness, speed, voice, driving, and space.

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Breeno Features and Commands

The AI assistant for OPPO phones incorporates a set of skills like perception, decision-making and learning skills through natural interaction. The assistant will learn about a user’s behavior as it spends more time recognizing user patterns. Breeno should provide IOT (Internet of Things) features with a slew of smart device integrations in the future. As of now, the early builds of Breeno should concentrate on user interactions entirely. The smart device integrations should be available as more developers get access to the SDK for this AI assistant.

Breeno Oppo AI

OPPO hasn’t announced the main features for Breeno, but the assistant should provide basic voice interactions and intelligent search queries at its early builds. One would expect that OPPO will integrate it’s phone’s camera with the assistant to provide an easier imaging experience. But, what Breeno turns out to be is anyone’s guess

As a strategic product for the future, Breeno will break the barriers between the smartphone and all other interconnected things while bringing users an integrated, smooth and intelligent experience. Adhering to the concept of ‘openness, sharing and co-creation’, Breeno will serve as a speech skill and smart service platform open to developers and partners to access more devices and integrate more new services, developing itself into the intelligent control center for interconnected devices.”

-Andy Wu, Global Vice President of OPPO

Learning from its peers

When compared to its predecessors, Breeno is in for a rough ride as OPPO’s AI. Samsung’s own digital assistant Bixby suffered a rocky launch, with a fairly underwhelming reception from the tech community. Early versions of Bixby supported basic voice commands and faulty image recognition. Breeno should expect a similar early launch but should improve as it gathers more data and is optimized by the developers after it’s launch.

As of right now, Breeno is only available in China. It, however, should make its way to OPPO smartphones across the world in the near future. Besides Breeno, the company also announced “Gravity Plan“. This plan aims to empower developers directly through RMB one billion investment for the purpose of joining hands with global partners and developers in building an intelligent service ecology together. A superb initiation on OPPO’s part!

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