iOS 13.5 released with COVID-19 features

by Tubuntu2

Apple has just released a new update for its mobile operating systems including the new iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5 updates. These updates are specifically made to make the phone work well with users facing major issues like using FaceID with a mask on. With the new iOS 13.5 updates, users can easily unlock their iPhones with their mask on. There have also been improvements in contact tracing apps to stay safe from the corona virus.

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iOS 13.5 Updates for Corona Pandemic

Easier Unlocking With Masks On

Before iOS 13.5 update, if you were wearing a face mask and tried to unlock the iPhone with Face ID, there was a lag before you could enter the passcode. This made unlocking iPhones a hassle since Face ID would take its time to verify the face. But with this update, the iPhone directly detects if the person is wearing a mask. Then, it lets you access the passcode interface by swiping up once from the bottom of the screen. This way you can directly bypass Face ID and enter passcode. This even works in apps for uses in payments and verification.


COVID-19 Contact tracing in iPhone

Another major feature update is the inclusion of the Exposure Notification API in the iOS ecosystem. This allows support for COVID-19 contact tracing apps launched from public health organizations. Both Google and Apple worked on the new Exposure Notification API to enable different contact tracing apps to work on iPhones and Android smartphones. These contact tracing apps can send you a notification if you came in contact with anyone who are diagnosed with COVID-19. Users still have to install an app to enable contact tracing functions.

Apple and Google have provided these new features in an attempt to combat the COVID-19 virus with technology. The companies will soon incorporate contact tracing functions natively in their operating systems. Until then, use the relevant contact tracing apps provide by the nearest health authorities.

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