Accurate AL-36 Bluetooth Neck Band Headphone: Nepal Reviews

by Samrat Amatya
Accurate AL-36

Accurate is a home-grown brand that recently made its debut in Nepal. From earphones to power banks, to Bluetooth speakers the brand has it all. Among the slew of products it offers, one particular accessory caught our eye. And yes, I am talking about the Bluetooth In-ear Headphones with a neckband design. Priced at Rs 2,999, the AL-36 offers a great alternative to the Chinese counterpart available in the market. But is it any good? Is it durable enough? And how is the sound quality? Well, let’s find the answer to these questions in this review.

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Accurate AL-36 Review

A quick disclaimer! Before we get into the review I would like to mention that I have been using the Accurate AL-36 for almost one month now. Like other reviews, this one too is going to be purely based on my experience and how the device held-up in the above mentioned time span. So, without wasting your time any further, let’s get started!

Accurate AL-36


The Accurate AL-36 comes in some good packaging with a transparent front. This helps you see the product without having to crack open the box. Talking about the device itself, it is quite well designed. Like other neckband design headphones, the AL-36 is made up of plastic. The actual earpiece is also made up of plastic while the wiring is just the typical wire you would find on an earphone.

There are a total of 3 buttons, a power/pause button in the middle, a volume up/skip forward button, and a volume down/skip backward button. There is also an LED indicator showing you when the device powers on and off. For charging there is a micro-USB port located on the same side of the handle.

Fit and Finish

Although the AL-36 is well built, the whole fit and finish seem a bit flimsy. The entire neck frame is a bit thinner than my liking. While putting the device into my backpack for the first time, I did feel a bit worried. It seemed like the neckband could break off into two at any time. And a month later, I am happy to report that it hasn’t happened. The device is in perfect condition with no wear-or-tear to its name. And having a bit “flimsy structure” has helped the device remain flexible. This flexibility also helps in storing the band and adjusting to different sizes of necks.

Accurate AL-36

The earbuds on the AL-36 fit nice and comfy inside your ears. There are also a number of ear tips included inside the box to cater to different sizes of ears. The earphone also comes with wings to give you a perfect fit. These wings stick on to the upper part of your ear and grab on to them. This inclusion makes them great for fitness activities!

The buds also are magnetized so you can easily store the earphones and prevent any entanglement. The handles on each side of the neck also have magnets on them. So when you are wearing them you have a place to store the buds. No more walking around with dangling earbuds. This inclusion has been super helpful for me! I use them when someone comes up to me to talk while I am listening to music.

Audio Quality

The AL-36 has some great audio outputs. For casual music listening, the Bluetooth neckband will suffice your needs. It can handle pretty much any genre of music you throw at it. There is also a good amount of bass making this an ideal earphone to listen to rap and electro music. The volume is also ideal at the maximum setting. Although I do wish the earphone gave us a few extra bars of volume. This would help cover up the fact the device has no noise cancelation. I know expecting this much from a Bluetooth audio device costing less than Rs 3,000 is ludicrous but hey, one can always hope.

The AL-36 also comes with a built-in mic which helps in taking a phone call with the device. It is not the greatest for taking calls but it is still useable. On the positive side, the device comes with Bluetooth 5 giving it great connectivity strength. This also means a better range at 10 meters.

Accurate AL-36

Verdict – Accurate AL-36

The Accurate AL-36 Bluetooth Neck Band Headphone is a great audio device for anyone looking to get a comfortable audio experience on a budget. It looks great with a flexible body making it an ideal companion no matter where you go. There ear wings and magnetic handles are a great touch. It makes for a snug fit whether you are wearing them or storing them on your backpack. Overall, the AL-36 is a great neckband style headphone that you should consider if you are in the market for one. I absolutely adore mine!

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