Samsung’s new Security Chip for Mobile Protection

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Samsung SE Chip S3FV9RR

Samsung smartphones are one of the leading brands in the Android smartphone market. Their Galaxy Note series and S series serve the flagship need while their M-series and A-series appeal to budget customers. However, Samsung Electronics doesn’t only make phones, as it works on various electronic markets. Samsung recently announced a new EAL 6+ certified-SE chip used for security and data protection in mobile devices, the SE Chip S3FV9RR.

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Samsung Secure Element (SE) Chip for Security in Mobile devices

The new standalone turnkey security solution consists of a Secure Element (SE) chip S3FV9RR along with security software. It offers protection for tasks like booting, isolated storage, mobile payment and many other applications. This new tech is Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level (CC EAL) 6+ certified which is the highest level possible for a mobile component.

It is an enhanced turnkey that is based on first-gen solution (S3K250AF) announced back in February. The security improvements are highlighted by its certification upgrade from previous-gen CC EAL 5+ to CC EAL 6+. CC EAL 6+ is useful for applications that require high level security requirements like flagship smartphones, hardware wallets for cryptocurrency and e-passports. So, this is the latest and greatest of the security hardware developed for the smartphone market.

Samsung SE Chip S3FV9RR

The new SE chip S3FV9RR has twice the secure storage capacity. Moreover, it supports the hardware-based root of trust (RoT), secure boot and device authentication, upgrading the security standards of smartphones. As a bootloader initiates, a chain of trust is activated through which each and every firmware with approved keys is sequentially validated. RoT handles this secure booting process that guards the device against any possible malicious attacks or unauthorized software updates.

SE chip S3FV9RR solution works independently from the security features of the main processor, making it a versatile approach. Also, big manufacturers can prevent devices at an off-site location from getting tainted with unwanted firmware.

Samsung has announced that the new SE chip S3FV9RR will be available in the third quarter of year 2020.

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