Samsung Galaxy S10: The Best Flagship Phone?

by Tubuntu2

Since the launch of Galaxy Note 10 is right around the corner, let’s discuss if its little brother, the Galaxy S10 is the best flagship phone right now. Samsung has refined the Galaxy S9’s design to adjust the front camera notch to make the phone less ugly. The phone’s camera is a decent one and Samsung has sold 16 million units until May 2019.

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Until just recently, Samsung Galaxy flagships were the only ones that provided fair pricing on their Galaxy S phones matching the international pricing. However, other brands have caught up in the case of pricing. Hence, it’s more important than ever to pit S10 against other flagship phones and decide if its the best choice out there.


Samsung S10 design is iterative as in the phone adopts much of the body design from its predecessors. As a result, the phone is a refined version with an even better design and finally a clever notch design. The 6.1-inch 1440p screen has plenty of working space and is packed in a small body. The phone is especially suitable for people with smaller pockets and hands for a proper fit.

Galaxy S10 also packs quite a punch in terms of power and performance. The phone packs a 3340mAh battery which falls behind against a few other models. So, take a look at our in-depth review of the battery life of Galaxy S10. In short, the phone lasts a while even with the included battery, so it suffices as a decent battery smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Battery Review

The phone is run by the powerhouse processor, the Exynos 9820. The processor included performs very well and offer the best performance in the market. Popular games like PUBG Mobile run fast with high graphics while heavy games like Fortnite Mobile also run without a stutter.

As for the optics, Samsung S10 isn’t the most hyped phone this year. It doesn’t have the best zoom or any fancy new cameras. Instead, it offers a 12MP main camera which has a variable aperture of f/1.5-2.4. The variable aperture feature is unique to S10 phones only which is the most underrated feature in the market. It lets you take better control of your camera settings while taking images, and requires effort to use properly. Samsung S10 packs three different cameras in total. The others include a 16MP ultra-wide-angle lens that takes stunning images. Also, the 12MP telephoto sensor is capable of a 2x optical zoom that’s nowhere near its competitors but performs well enough.

Samsung S10: Best Flagship Phone

And that’s it. Samsung Galaxy S10 is a great phone, by far the best-designed phone from Samsung. However, the phone lacks a lot of cutting edge features, especially in the camera department to really compete with its competition in the market. Samsung has played a safe bet by packing the true and tested features in S10, and the lack of experimentation has severely handicapped the phone in terms of features.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Price in Nepal

It is important to note that all the missing features from S10 are not something that would affect the day-to-day operation. So, if you are fond of a slick phone with Samsung’s design, you can still use this phone. But, for those demanding the latest and greatest S10 might not be for you. Better wait for the Galaxy Note 10 to make a decision.

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