Samsung S20 Phones Released, Snapdragon 865, new cameras

by Tubuntu2

Samsung now leads the Android market with its S-line of flagship-grade phones. As for 2020, Samsung has finally shown its cards by unveiling the new Samsung Galaxy S20 series. Along with the regular, S20 and S20 Plus, Samsung has introduced the new S20 Ultra phone to address enthusiasts vying for cutting edge features and cameras.

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Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus Overview

Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus has improved a lot from S10 series. The phones now come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor that is faster and more energy-efficient than its predecessor. Both phones support 5G technology for faster LTE data connections in supported areas.

Designwise, the new S20 phones look very similar to the last year’s S10 phones, the biggest aesthetic change being the centered punch-hole selfie camera. It is now placed at the center top instead of the corner of the display. The selfie camera has a 10MP sensor that can record upto 4K 60fps video beside taking images. The ability to take high frame rate videos are now the benchmark to rate cameras beside the megapixel wars. Samsung Galaxy S20 display measures at 6.2-inches while S20 Plus comes with a larger 6.7-inch screen. Both phones have the same WQHD+ SuperAMOLED panels that support upto 1440 x 3200 resolution. If you choose to bring down the resolution to Full HD, the phone runs at a whopping 120Hz refresh rate.


A quick look at the phone shows us the upgraded rear cameras, which now comes with a 12MP main camera and a 64MP telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom. Pair it with software magnification and you can get upto 30x hybrid zoom in total. Both S20 and S20+ phones now have 8K video recording options, however, the phone uses the 64MP zoom lens instead of the wider 12MP sensor. An extra perk of S20 Plus is its additional ToF sensor that helps in the better rendering of bokeh in portrait shots with the phone.

The phone comes with upto 12GB of RAM and a minimum of 128GB of storage. Both phones boast decent battery specs, 4000 mAh for S20 and 4500 mAh for S20 Plus. Besides that, both phones are IP68 rate for water/dust resistant and support wireless and fast charging. A major change in Samsung Galaxy S20 series is the removal of headphone jack, so now you need to get an adapter or a native USB-C headphones. Or just get wireless earbuds.

Galaxy S20 Ultra: a different beast

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is a flagship phone on steroids. Samsung has maxed every bit of spec it can to deliver the most powerful smartphone in the Android world. Most of the base features are the same as the other S20 phones with some important upgrades.

S20 Ultra now comes with upto 16GB of RAM, that’s as much RAM as I have in my gaming laptop worth over 1 grand. It still comes with the Snapdragon 865 processor, and a WQHD AMOLED screen but the size has increased to 6.9-inches. The battery is larger with 5000 mAh capacity. And the selfie camera has 4 times more megapixels at 40MP resolution.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra cameras are ridiculous. The main rear camera has 108MP resolution, and is used to capture 8K videos instead of the zoom sensor. Other cameras include a 48MP telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom, another 10x optical zoom camera, a 12MP ultra-wide sensor and finally a ToF sensor. By using 10x optical zoom camera available only on S20 Ultra, it can zoom upto 100x by using digital zooming.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Pricing

Galaxy S20 series has set a very high standard for flagships phone in 2020. Samsung Galaxy S20 price startsfrom $999, while S20 Plus will require at least $1,199 for the base version. Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is even pricer starting at $1,399 for US.

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