Samsung Galaxy S10: Top 5 Features

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Galaxy S10 Review

Samsung S10, dare I say, is the best Android phone in the market right now. Samsung pioneered the curved edges display design giving us the first taste of a bezel-free display with the S7 edge. Similarly, S10 has introduced a new punch-hole design that differentiates it from the herd of other Android phones. And yet, Samsung Galaxy S10 still has worthy competitors with amazing specs and price. So, in order to decide if the Galaxy S10 is for you, here are the top 5 features to consider. Do these features make this phone the go-to flagship? Find out for yourself.

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Design & Display

Samsung S10 is an incremental design update to the Galaxy S-series line-up of Samsung. The phone is built around an aluminum frame with an edge-to-edge display and a glass back. Both glass panels are secured by Gorilla Glass 6 protection, but you wouldn’t want to drop this phone despite the inclusion. Hence, the phone is light and portable but still feels solid in hand.

The new punch-hole display makes the notch obsolete. The right aligned hole is much less distracting and even provides an aesthetic character to the phone. A major draw of the S10 and not the S10 Plus for me is its compact size. The 6.1-inch 1440p screen is packed inside a small body, so handling the phone is easy and one-handed operations are also possible.


Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with two different processors: Snapdragon 855 and Exynos 9820, based on the market location. Both processors perform like a beast handling all the gaming and multitasking you can throw at it. The 8GB RAM certainly helps to juggle multiple apps around.

In a daily basis, the performance of S10 is more than enough. The apps open up in a snap, and the animations run smooth with little to no lag. Samsung has done wonders by overhauling its Android skin. Samsung’s One UI feels closer to the stock Android experience and meshes with the Android design ecosystem pretty well. The app icon sets Samsung uses in this skin isn’t to my liking, but that all boils down to my personal preference. Overall, there is very little to complain about the software design and the performance is the best out there.

Bixby Button

The inclusion of Bixby button for me is a unique feature that is only available in Samsung S-series phones. Bixby Assistant isn’t my choice of a digital assistant, and I prefer Google Assistant. But, Samsung allows users to re-configure this extra Bixby to do anything else. I like to remap the button to instantly open YouTube without fiddling with the on-screen interface. This isn’t the most innovative use of the button right here, and there are endless possibilities for using this button.

What About the Camera?

If you put the camera specs on S10 with other major flagships like P30 Pro, the Galaxy S10 is dwarfed by the numbers. However, just the number of resolution doesn’t paint a clear picture of a camera’s capability.

Samsung S10 uses a typical triple-camera setup with different focal lengths. It consists of a 12MP main lens with a variable aperture of f/1.5-2.4. The bigger f/1.5 aperture lets you get more light while reducing the aperture up to f/2.4 lets you take sharper images during the day. The smaller 12MP resolution and larger pixel size mean better low light performance as well. An additional 12MP telephoto lens comes with stabilization and allows 2x optical zoom. The third camera is a 16MP ultra-wide angle lens usually used for landscapes and group selfies as advertised these days. The trio of cameras offers standard focal length equivalents of 12mm, 26mm, and 52mm, getting the camera use on S10 closer to a DSLR experience.

Samsung S10 Camera SampleSamsung S10 Camera SampleDurbar Margh NepalPashupatinath TemplePashupatinath TempleSamsung S10 Camera SamplePangra NepalSamsung S10 Camera SampleSamsung S10 Camera SampleSamsung S10 Camera SampleSamsung S10 Camera SampleSamsung S10 Camera Sample

As one would expect, from a camera of this caliber, the day time shots were amazing. But the main eye-pooper is the low light capabilities of the phone. The S10 takes some industry-leading low light photos. They are just that good! Check out some of our low-light camera samples taken on the S10, inserted above.

Cutting Edge Extra Features of S10

Like all other flagships, Galaxy S10 packs a few cutting-edge features that you would never find in other cheaper phones. It has an IP68 rated dust/waterproof sealing. So, you wouldn’t have to fret over the safety of your phone every time you go near a pool or in the bath. The phone includes an under-display fingerprint scanner at the bottom half of the screen. Another feature that leans to be a more gimmicky feature is the reverse wireless charging feature. The phones back can be used as a wireless charger to charge the Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch, and other accessories. Samsung Galaxy S10 Price in Nepal

To sum it all up, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Top 5 features include a stellar design and display along with powerful hardware. The camera is on par with every other phone out there, but you have to look beyond the numbers. S10 Plus is mostly similar to the S10 with some extra screen real estate and camera. If you are looking for a small and beautiful phone that can handle a heavy load, the Galaxy S10 is the right fit for you.

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