Samsung teases its foldable smartphone

by Bimal Man Shrestha

Samsung did it again! Samsung has once again teased its foldable smartphone over the internet. This time they have changed the profile picture of the Samsung Mobile Facebook page. The image shows a folded Samsung logo. It clearly teases the upcoming flexible-foldable smartphone, just two days ahead of the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC), which starts on Wednesday, November 7. So we can expect some additional information by the end of this week. Looking at the number of likes and comments on the post, it seems to have made fans pretty excited.

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The latest teaser comes just weeks after a Samsung video on Twitter. The video hinted at the device via an animated icon that moved in a similar way to how we expect the phone to fold. They have also changed the DP of their twitter account with the same logo as on Facebook.

Samsung will be using two OLED panels on the foldable phone. The most recent rumors suggest that the phone will be usable as both a phone and a tablet. The new Galaxy will look like an ordinary 4.58-inches smartphone when folded but can be transformed into a 7.29-inch Android tablet when opened. Unlike the recently announced Royole FlexPai, the new Galaxy will feature a flexible panel outside. This means the phone will fold outwards.

Rumors suggest that the company will start mass productions of some parts and components this November. The company is said to only produce units numbering anything from 500K to a million instead of the usual 100,000 units per month.

Samsung foldable smartphone

Samsung is already working with KH Vatec, another Korean firm, for the hinge. This crucial part allows the two screens to be connected and folded.

The new foldable smartphone will be announced before the Galaxy S10. So most likely, it will be available in January. The company is widely expected to reveal the further details about its foldable phone at the company’s developer conference. However, we don’t exactly know what the company is actually planning to unveil.

Samsung reportedly said it intends to unveil the phone’s user interface at the event. Samsung has previously said it wants the foldable phone to offer a unique user experience and the new UI will likely be a crucial part of this.

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However, we still don’t know if the phone itself will make an appearance or not. Hopefully, Samsung’s version will be a bit more refined, unlike the FlexPai.

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