Samsung Exynos 7904: The new mid-range SoC

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Samsung Exynos 7904

Samsung Exynos 7904 is the latest and cheapest from Samsung. The rumored M-series smartphones from Samsung should house this latest processor. This new SoC aims to improve multi-tasking and web surfing capabilities of mid-range Samsung phones. Currently, two phones from Samsung, the Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20 are set to launch in India via Amazon. We expect these phones to pack the new Exynos 7904 processor!

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Better Photo and Videos for Samsung

Exynos 7904 will be a next-gen processor for mid-range phones offering new features and perks previously reserved for their flagship counterparts. The most significant feature added to this processor is its new image signal processor. This component will help use a triple-camera setup with up to 32MP single camera sensor support. The triple camera setup will likely include a wide angle lens or a portrait lens or both. This will enable the phones to capture wide-angle images, generally used by smartphone users for group selfies and landscape photos. The added camera can also support portrait shots previously introduced by the likes of iPhones and Pixel phones.

If that weren’t enough, Samsung has also managed to cram another significant feature in this processor-a 120 fps 1080p slow-mo mode. The buttery smooth slow-mo clips are all the rage for video makers. So, this new feature can enable aspiring pocket filmmakers to produce some stunning videos. Please note that 120 fps video is not a new feature, but the slow-mo 120 fps at the high resolution of 1080p has never been possible at a mid-range budget.


Samsung Exynos 7904 Hard Specs

On paper, the Exynos 7904 is an Octa-core CPU processor manufactured using the 14nm FinFET process. It packs double A-73 Cortex cores clocked at 1.8 GHz and A-53 Cortex cores clocked at 1.6 GHz. The processor also features a newer LPDDR4x memory type RAM, an upgrade from LPDDR3 type RAM used in most of the current smartphones.

All these specs make the Exynos 7904 a decent processor with improved imaging capabilities and enough processing power to satiate the needs of the mid-range customers. One small question for this processor is the energy efficiency provided. Samsung hasn’t mentioned anything about the topic, so it must be tested after the phones with this processor are out. If the SoC can squeeze more juice out of the battery than others, it would be a major advantage for Samsung.

Samsung Exynos 7904

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