Red Hydrogen – A Holographic Gadget

by Saroj Upreti
Red hydrogen

Red Cameras are best known for the world-class cameras that are used to produce big-budget movies. The company after conquering the camera realm is now leapfrogging into the world of smartphone. Who would have thought that a company so specialized in leading Hollywood industry silently embarks on the journey to capture the smartphone market segment? Ther is no doubt that the phone is going to be mind-blowing and is about to endeavour the first-mover advantage in the industry. Here’s what we know about this gorgeous titan.

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Red Hydrogen - A Holographic Gadget


The Red Hydrogen is quite big and has a rugged cuboid design! It packs some high-end materials that encapsulate the uniqueness of the device and gives it a premium build. The Red phone is following the footstep of Motorola embracing modular designs. It supports stack-able modular attachments like an upgraded camera module through gold-like connector points placed at the back.

The back panel is made from two primary materials. The middle, striped section features a prominent Ruby RED logo built from metal. While the top and bottom portions of the back are made from Kevlar weave. These act as large windows for the antenna transmission and enhances carrier strength.

The highlight features of the device are the curvature edges at its sides that give it a tight grip. These curvature edges have a weird series of bulges and ridges throughout, which sort of look like a sine wave. The unique design may intrigue some early adopters but most consumers are likely to perceive it negatively.

The volume up and down buttons are placed on the left edge of the phone. While the power button makes its space on the right edge that also serves as the fingerprint sensor. There’s also a dedicated camera/video button near the bottom right edge which is quite expected from Red. The bottom includes a standard USB-type C connector and incorporates a headphone jack. The speaker grills are placed at the front, which is great. Red also provides an embed multichannel spatial sound for both the internal stereo speakers and the headphones.


Red Hydrogen - A Holographic Gadget

The Red Hydrogen will be the first of its kind to flaunt a holographic display. With this phone, hologram technology will be easily accessible to normal consumers. The display is speculated to be 5.7-inch in size with “nanotechnology”. This will help the display to seamlessly switch between 2D, stereo 3D and 4-View “holographic” display modes in both landscape and portrait. In 2D mode or normal cellphone mode, the resolution is said to be 2560×1440.

This holographic display is strikingly a benchmark to other 3d displays as it is devoid of distortion, glitches in image quality rendering you the crystal-clear high-resolution images. The holographic display should portray flawless life-like images that are viewable from any angle. And for this, the phone uses some kind of face or eye-tracking sensors.


The device is rumored to sport a dual camera setup! The tech enthusiasts, however, are skeptical and are claiming that the camera performance will not be extraordinary as hyped. This may be due to the fact, the company is looking to limit its trade secrets to its own camera only. The camera is rumored to shoot holographic content and is able to record in 2D, 3D, and H4V with the most impressive sensor wrapped underneath camera modules. Unfortunately, the exact info about the cameras hasn’t been surfaced over the internet but we expect it to be 16 MP+.

Battery and Performance

Under the hood, the device is said to be powered by a 4500 mAh battery that sounds impressive. But trust me with the holographic video content, the device consumes power more rapidly and needs constant recharging. But, we expect some power-bank mods to add precious battery life to this phone.

The Red Hydrogen will feature either Snapdragon 835 or 845 SOC which is yet to be confirmed. The device will debut in two variant 4GB/6GB RAM with 64GB/128GB ROM respectively. The phone also comes with support for storage expansion via a micro-sd card.

Software and UI

The device is supposed to run on Android Nougat with stock Android experience despite the introduction of Android Oreo. Red also claims to build a new Hydrogen System that will integrate with current professional Red cameras like the Scarlet, Epic and Weapon as a user interface and monitor. Alongside the phone, Red will also launch One channel to help people discover 4-View holographic content, as well as movies, documentaries, games, shopping, and other apps.

Price and Delivery: Red Hydrogen

The Red Hydrogen is to be available in titanium ($1,595) and aluminum ($1,195) variant for pre-orders in the US market. The phone is likely to be shipped within the 2nd quarter of 2018. The phone, as of right now, will only be able in the US market via AT&T and Verizon. The company, however, plans to make the phone available globally in the near future.

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