PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Update: New Features, Release Date & more

by Bimal Man Shrestha
PUBG Update 0.18.0

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games right now. Ever since its first release, we have seen a lot of updates and with it, we’ve seen a lot of improvements and changes. This is the last week of Season 12 and now we know what’s next. Last week PUBG Mobile added the much-awaited Artic Mode in Vikendi map. Now, it is finally the time for a makeover in other maps as well. Reportedly, PUBG Mobile will release the 0.18.0 update on May 7.

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The PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 update will bring a lot of changes as the beta version suggests. The update is expected to exceed 2GB and the new features include Miramar 2.0, a Safety Scramble Mode, and a Jungle Adventure Guide Mode, along with some other minor changes. These changes are present in the beta version of PUBG Mobile.

Miramar 2.0

The desert map of PUBG, Miramar, is getting some new additions and changes. First up, there will be abandoned parts of a race track in various areas on the map. There will also be a new Water City on the map. Another addition is the new Ruins area for you to explore.

The Mirado is one of the best vehicles on Miramar. Now, if you’re lucky enough, you could get to drive a golden version with the new update. You can find the new Golden Mirado at Hacienda under the Miramar map. The map is also getting new vending machines at gas stations where we can dispense consumables including energy drinks and painkillers.

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Safety Scramble Mode (EvoGround)

Another special mode in this update is the Safety Scramble Mode. Unlike other Arcade Modes, this new game mode will have two blue zones. There will be a regular blue zone outside the safe area with an additional blue zone inside. Players will lose health while in that zone. The inside blue zone will be the safe zone in the next phase. Now, you will have to be quick and keep a lot of consumables to survive through the game. This mode is already present in the PC version of PUBG as Bluehole Mode.

Jungle Adventure Guide Mode

The Jungle Adventure Guide Mode will be a part of the Sanhok map. Details about this new game mode are very limited but according to leaks and rumors, players will now be able to float around using hot-air balloons. One would have to maintain the heat in the balloon and players will be able to jump out using a parachute.


The Win94 gun will be getting a built-in 2.7x scope with the upcoming update allowing players to use it as a mid-range sniper. There is also a high chance of P90 debuting in PUBG Mobile. The P90 is an SMG (sub-machine gun) and it can take up to 50 bullets in a single clip. It takes 9mm ammo and as for attachments, this gun will support muzzles, sights, and foregrips.

Now there’ll be exclusive sandstorm to Miramar yet again and will probably be available for a limited period. Sandstorm will cover the entire map so that the visibility would be limited.

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Other small changes include the option of auto equipping scopes to your guns, new and improved bullet marks, and the ability to copy control layout from FPP to TPP and vice versa. Lastly, a canted sight, is a basic scope similar to the red dot, might be added as an additional scope for your gun.

On 27th April, PUBG Mobile made an official announcement about the release date of a 0.18.0 update on its social media handles. We have to wait until May 7 to see how the new update is.

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