POCOPHONE F1 to be available in Nepal-Again!!

by Tubuntu2

Pocophone came in Nepal during Daraz’s 11.11 sale on November. The phone was one of the most value-oriented mid-range phone offering flagship grade hardware. Many happy customers got their hands on Pocophone on that fateful day. However, many didn’t! For those who are looking to buy Pocophone, here’s the good news. The phone is again going to be available soon in the Nepali market.

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POCOPHONE F1 price in Nepal


For those unfamiliar, Pocophone F1 was the best budget-oriented phone, period. It offers specs identical to flagships like the OnePlus 6 at a much affordable rate. This has attracted an abundance of customers cashing in on this offer. The Indian market was overwhelmed by the sale of Pocophone and the same was true here in Nepal during the Daraz sale. Besides the few delivery and order confirmation problems that surfaced during the Daraz sale, Pocophone sold incredibly quickly.

Pocophone F1 is definitely a recommended buy and is sure to not let any buyer down. The phone is priced at Rs 34,999 and is expected to cost the same in the upcoming sale. If you were looking to buy the phone and had no option until now, congratulations.



Let’s take a look back at what Pocophone F1 looks on paper. It uses a beast of a processor, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. When combined with a 6GB RAM and 64GB internal storage, Pocphone will handle anything you can throw at it. The phone uses liquid cooling that minimizes heat during intense processing hours, like during gaming. At the front, it sports a 6.18 inch 1080p FULL HD display with Corning Gorilla Glass protection.

The optics inside this phone is also surprisingly good. It has a dual camera setup of 12MP and 5 MP sensors. The phone can record 1080p videos at 240 fps, while the selfie camera has a very high 20 MP sensor.


So, prepare the rupees you will need during the sale, cause if you missed the last sale, you sure wouldn’t want to miss this one.

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