PMH S18 Bluetooth Speaker: Nepal Reviews

by Bimal Man Shrestha

Your phone’s speaker might be good enough to play your music indoor but it is definitely not an ideal solution outdoor. The sound doesn’t carry far, and the speaker totally fails to impress one when it comes to the frequency range. Thankfully, Bluetooth speakers are here to save the day. The Bluetooth speakers, these days, are affordable and rugged enough for the day to day usage.

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Take the PMH S18 for an example! The speaker delivers robust audio and that too in a stylish and durable design.


Design and Features

The PMH S18 has a cubical design with playback, volume, next/previous, and pairing buttons on the top. All these buttons are capacitive and backlit. The controls pull double-duty during phone calls on a paired smartphone. On the back, we get the usual power slider with Bluetooth Mode on the right and MP3 Mode on the left. Besides that, we also get a 3.5mm AUX port, microSD card slot, and a micro USB port.

Build quality is excellent and the speaker feels premium in hand. The body of the PMH S18 is coated in a grippy matte black rubber. The speaker measures 131x80x65mm and weigh 358 grams, which makes it small enough to toss into the bag.



The overall sound of the PMH S18 is very good for its class. The sound quality is average but it’s miles better than your smartphone speaker. The sound quality is nicely balanced with good highs but exhibit distortion when the volume is pushed to the max.

Speaking of volume, the PMH S18 is quite loud enough for our taste. The speaker sounds plenty loud listening in a quiet room but it isn’t really made for the dance parties. In isolation, this speaker sounds quite good with no lack of bass, but the actual bass lovers will be wanting more.


The PMH S18 can take calls and also goes well with PUBG. Simply press and hold the play button, to call the recently called contact. Calls came through loud and clear using the S18.

The 1200mAh battery of PMH S18 lasted more than 6 hours with 80% volume. Your mileage may vary. Charging this speaker took about 3.5 hours in our test period. The speaker has Bluetooth v3.0 and also supports NFC. So if your phone supports NFC, you can pair it even more quickly.


The volume and sound quality of the speaker will surely please most people. The speaker is definitely not for the dance parties but for your personal day-to-day use, it is more than enough. For the price of Rs 3,000, it’ll be hard to find a speaker better than this. We highly recommend it!

To buy this speaker visit Panchakumari Mobile Hub located at Kumari Complex, Old-Baneshwor or holla at them via their Facebook page.


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