First Nepal Software Meetup to be Held

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Nepal Software Meetup

Software and IT industry have seen massive growth in Nepal and have a crowd of veteran professionals and young graduates entering the market. ICTFRAME.COM and DITSOLUTIONS.COM.NP are hosting their first “Nepal Software Meetup” for connecting the industry professionals and new graduates.

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Nepal Software Meetup

Summary of the Nepal Software Meetup

The event has a clear agenda of connecting Nepali IT students who feel lost after their graduation to respective companies that require IT qualified manpower. It will help bridge the gap between the graduates and the Nepali IT market. Moreover, the creation of tech startups has seen growth in the entire world. And this event can help the tradition of startup creation grow with support from investors and professional consultants.

……..motive behind this event is to see the Nepalese economy and market status boom with the rightful share of the software industry as it is happening worldwide.

The event has been organized by ICT frame online magazine and will be launched on the national ICT day being celebrated on May 2nd. The magazine is available in two versions since 2014 A.D i.e., the native Nepali and English language.

Nepal Software Meetup Event Details

Venue: Softwarica College Of IT & E-Commerce (Block C)

Time: 11 am to 1 PM

Date: Friday, 26th April 2019

The event is supported by npCert, National ICT Council, Centre For Cyber Security Research and Innovation, One Cover Pvt. Ltd., Techsathi, Techpatro, Techlekh, Gadget Frame, and Living with ICT tech portal.

Interested IT professionals and even students will be actively participating in this event. The inclusion of a larger demographic of IT crowd will be essential for formulating a supportive community around the software industry in Nepal.

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