Some iPhone XS/ XS Max users experiencing “charge-gate” issues

by Bimal Man Shrestha

Recently, some iPhone XS/ XS Max users have been reporting problems about the poor cellular reception. Now, there’s another issue with the latest iPhones that might result in you waking up with an uncharged device in the morning. Many users have shared their experiences on the MacRumors forums and Apple’s support forums about the charging issues with their iPhone XS/ XS Max. Specifically, some phones seem not to respond when the ‘Lightning Cable’ is plugged in.

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Normally, the display of an iPhone lights up to show that it’s charging, accompanied by a charging sound. But some users have reported that their iPhone XS/ XS Max devices simply do nothing at all when they plug in the ‘Lightning Cable’ even when they use the genuine charging brick. In some cases, tapping on the screen will cause the phone to start charging. But in some, the cable has to be unplugged and re-plugged again.

After buying the pricey iPhone XS/ XS Max late last month, some users were troubled to discover the charge-gate. This bug is affecting a non-trivial percentage of users, as they have clearly documented their problems on the social media. A popular YouTube channel Unbox Therapy recently posted a video demonstrating the problem.


The charge-gate on Apple’s fancy new iPhones appears to now be solved with the latest iOS 12 beta update. Apple never commented publicly on the issue, but the new beta update (iOS 12.1) solves the problem, according to MacRumors. If you’re going mad over the charging issues, you can get the update now by joining Apple’s public beta program.

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