Huawei Watch GT: 48 Hours Later

by Samrat Amatya
Huawei Watch GT Review

Smartwatch is a niche that is not that popular in Nepal. In a country where the majority of people own a phone below Rs 40,000, having a $300/$400 smartwatch makes no sense. There are a few companies who offer smartwatches at the aforementioned price tag but manage to woo only a few people. Enter Huawei Watch GT, a smartwatch which provides all the benefits of a fitness tracker while looking classy. Priced competitively at Rs 19,990, is the Huawei Watch GT for everyone? Should you finally take a dive into the smartwatch revolution with the Watch GT? Well, let us find out!

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Huawei Watch GT Review

The Huawei Watch GT arrived at our office a few days ago and I have been using it ever since. Just like most traditional premium watches, the device comes in some pretty good packaging. The exterior for the most part is stealthy with a dark accent. An outline of the watch, alongside a Huawei logo, can be found at the front of the box. Lifting the lid up, the first thing we are greeted with is the watch itself. Sitting on a spongy pillow, the device has all the traits of a luxury watch. Pulling the pull tab, we get access to a small compartment which houses the rest of the accessories of the watch. Things like the charging cradle, USB Type-C cable, and some paperwork can be found here.

On Initial Impression, the Huawei Watch GT looks absolutely ravishing. From the slim metallic lug to the leather style strap, the device screams quality. The numeric bezel and the classic side buttons are other great inclusions. Turning up the watch, the first thing you will be greeted with is the Huawei logo and a QR code to download the Huawei Health app. Yes, the app helps the watch and the phone communicate with one another.

Huawei Watch GT Review

The process of pairing the watch is quite simple! Just go to the app and under devices select the Huawei Watch GT. Once you do that, the phone will start a search for the watch and will ask you to choose a device. Check for your watch and select it to begin the pairing process. After you check all the necessary boxes and download/install some updates you will finally reach the watch face.

And man-oh-man, the 1.39-inch 454 x 454 pixels AMOLED display looks absolutely amazing. The panel is plenty bright and the colors are punchy. Getting the watch on my wrist for the first time, I was star struck by how lightweight the device was. Coming from a Galaxy Watch, the Watch GT felt more like a traditional watch. And this traditional aesthetics can be found all over the watch.

Swiping between the different screens was very smooth. The Lite OS, Huawei’s very own operating system, is, well, lightweight for the most part. That said, I still have my doubts over the 16MB of RAM and 128MB of internal storage. Huawei could have packed in at least half a gig of RAM. And don’t even get me started on the memory! I just wish there was more storage for some music and watch faces. Maybe in the next iteration!

Huawei Watch GT Review

To make up for this, Huawei has packed in a slew of sensors. Sensors like the  Accelerometer, Ambient light, a Gyroscope, Magnetometer, and a Barometer are here. The watch also has an optical heart rate sensor which is capable of taking continuous readings. A great feature for the health fanatics!

Speaking of which, the watch has a whole button dedicated to fitness. Pressing the lower button of the watch gives you access to a slew of fitness activities. Everything from running to swimming can be found here. Swimming? Yes, swimming! Since the watch is 5 ATM water-resistant, you can go for a swim with it. An awesome inclusion to have!

Another feature worth talking about the Huawei Watch GT is its robust GPS system. It uses the GLONASS, GALILEO GPS standard for a more faster, accurate, and precise positioning. This is a great feature if you want to leave your phone home while you go for a jog.

Huawei Watch GT Review

And finally, powering this device all up is a 420mAh battery. According to Huawei, the watch should last for 14 days on a single charge. And during my usage, the battery life of the device has been pretty good. The 14 days up-time claim, however, is yet to be tested. Nonetheless, the battery looks promising!

Huawei Watch GT: Initial Verdict

The Huawei Watch GT is an amazing smartwatch! It manages to look and feel like a traditional watch with smart capabilities. Be it a nice suit or your gym tees, the watch will match any attire.

So, is it the best smartwatch you can buy right now? Should you finally take a dive into the smartwatch revolution with the Watch GT? Well, it is still too soon to answer any of these questions. I will put the device through its paces in the days to come and finally answer these questions for you guys in our full review. So stay tuned for that! One thing, though, I can say without hesitation is that the Watch GT is one of the more affordable and good-looking smartwatches that you can buy right now.


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