Huawei Watch GT: Top 5 Features

by Samrat Amatya

We got our hands on the recently launched smartwatch from Huawei, the Huawei Watch GT. Unlike other smartwatches, this one doesn’t come with an astronomical price tag. The Watch GT is priced somewhere around the middle with a price tag of Rs 19,990.

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So for that price, what does the smartwatch have to offer? Well, here are 5 of the top features that make the Huawei Watch GT a worthy competitor in the wearables market.

Huawei Watch GT Review

1. Design

The Huawei Watch GT is a beautiful looking watch. Unlike many smartwatches, the Watch GT looks more like a traditional timepiece. Everything from the brown leather band style strap to it sear size matches that of a normal watch. The Numeric Bezel, the metallic lugs, and the classic side button further add to the experience.

Although the band looks like a leather strap, it isn’t. And that’s a good thing! The strap of the watch has a rubbery underside which prevents the irritation of a traditional leather band. So, you get the best of both worlds! The looks and premium feel of a leather band and the comfort and flexibility of a silicone band.

Overall, the Huawei Watch GT succeeds in looking like a traditional watch. The classic touch up is really welcomed! Overall the design is one of the strongest suits of the Huawei Watch GT.


2. Display

Huawei Watch GT packs a vibrant 1.39-inch 454 x 454 pixels AMOLED display. And it looks absolutely amazing! The colors are punchy and the brightness levels are great. The watch also has an ambient light sensor which does a pretty good job of selecting the brightness level. I had no trouble viewing the watch even under direct sunlight.

First and foremost, the watch faces look absolutely amazing on this display. Other things like the widgets and setting look great too. Swiping on the display also is a smooth experience. Overall, the display on the Huawei Watch GT is absolutely amazing for the price.

Huawei Watch GT Review

3. Continuous Heart Rate Tracker

The Watch GT has a Heart Rate sensor embedded into the back panel. This helps the watch read your pulse and determine the beats per minute (BPM). Huawei is emphasizing heavily on this feature! So much show that they have an entire widget dedicated solely for the heart rate monitoring.

And that’s not all! The Huawei Watch GT has a continuous reading setting which is on by default. And for the most part, it is kind of cool. While many might find the continuous heart rate tracker to be too much, health fanatics will love this feature. The Watch gives you a curve diagram which shows you your BPM at different time periods. A cool feature to have if you continuously check your heart rate during workouts.

Huawei Watch GT Review

4. Robust Fitness and Sleep Tracking

Huawei has given a lot of focus on fitness with this watch. So much so that they have dedicated a whole button for it. The lower button of the watch quickly prompts you to all the workouts you can tabulate. There are things from running to climbing to more extreme sports like swimming and trail running. The watch also has a lock mode which helps prevent accidental touches while exercising.

Something a bit encouraging is a little health widget. The widget shows you the steps taken, minute exercised, and the times got up in a neat ring format. As you progress throughout the day, the rings complete a circle. Although minuscule, this has helped me a lot to stay active. At the end of the day, I try completing these three rings. A great way to reinforce your set daily goals!

Another feature Huawei is focusing on the watch is Sleep tracking. It has a robust system that methodically tracks your sleep and classifies them. The sleep is divided between deep sleep, light sleep, REM, and time awake. The watch also calculates nap time which is great. And based on these data, the watch calculates and rates your sleep quality.


5. Battery

The Battery Life of the Huawei Watch GT is phenomenal! Huawei touts the watch to provide 2 weeks worth of charge. And my usage came pretty close to the claim! With the continuous heart rate monitor on, I got around 10 days of usage. This achievement is really amazing for the device. At a time when smartwatches are giving around 2-3 days worth of battery life, the Watch GT provides almost two weeks of uptime. Kudos to that!

The standby time is also pretty great! If you want to use the watch as a normal timepiece, with the occasional notification, you will probably have to charge the watch just twice a month.

Huawei Watch GT Features

So these were some of the top features of the Huawei Watch GT. If you are need of these 5 features, in particular, the device will meet all your needs. Besides these, the Watch GT has a lot more to offer for the price.

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