Huawei reinstated into the SD Association

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huawei sd card ban

The blacklisting of Huawei is a shock to the entire world, especially the technology industry. One recent blow to Huawei’s future is the removal of Huawei from SD association. This made the use of SD cards in Huawei products unwarranted in the future. However, recent developments have confirmed that Huawei SD card ban wasn’t effective. So, they should be able to use SD cards in their future phones after all.

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Huawei reinstated into the SD Association

Previously SD Association confirmed the removal of Huawei from their Entity List. Following this news, Huawei has officially been restored to the Entity list of SD Association. Android Authority confirmed this news after contacting the company.

Further details on the matter haven’t released yet. But, Huawei can officially use the SD card technology mainstream throughout all the gadgets and technology used.

huawei sd card ban

A quick look at the list of member companies of SD Association is enough to confirm any further queries on this situation. However, the recent cycle of news doesn’t really bode well for the outcome of Huawei’s smartphone division.

Nano-memory is an alternative to the use of SD card technology in future Huwaei smartphones. Although the technology is already in use in phones like Huawei P30, future incorporation of the same tech might prove difficult throughout phones of all prices.

The use of SD cards on Huawei smartphone won’t be affected. Consumers can continue purchasing and using these products.

-source: Android authority

Huawei US ban effects

The outcome of these announcements from different companies and technology groups & entities directly decides the fate of Huawei smartphones. Co-operation and working with other companies is in the best interest for Huawei, if it is to sort out this policy fiasco that is responsible for Huawei sd card ban.

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