Grammarly Keyboard Impressions on Android

by Delusion Sparks
Grammarly Keyboard Impressions on Android

Writing in English without any flaws is everyone’s dream! However, those irksome grammatical errors can ruin all the effort and time invested in writing such articles. For all non-native English writers, writing with sheer perfection can be quite strenuous. Assisting individuals to combat such problems, an app named Grammarly is a blessing.

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Grammarly Keyboard Impressions on Android

After the huge success of the online platform as a plugin and as an app for IOS, Grammarly has finally launched the auto-correct keyboard for Android devices. This app is exceptionally convenient and can meet up with your expectations. After installing the app, there are certain procedures to follow which then replaces your normal keyboard with the Grammarly keyboard. It is necessary to have an internet connection to get the full advantage of the app! As you write, it corrects the grammatical errors and even provides suggestions as to enhance your writing. This app saves a lot of time and effort in comparison to human proofreading. For someone having interest in writing articles, blogging or even completing certain assignments on and about, Grammarly is the go-to app for you.

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  • Automatically corrects the mistakes as you type.
  • Saves time.
  • Works with all kinds of grammatical issues like spellings, punctuations, etc.
  • Helps in identifying flaws which aid in developing better writing skills.
  • Helps in developing a strong vocabulary.
  • The auto correct feature makes this app worth the try.


  • Normal keyboard is replaced by Grammarly keyboard which some people may not prefer.
  • It may not work with certain sentence structures.

Grammarly Keyboard Impressions on Android

Overall verdict

Grammarly app lives up to its expectations! The auto-correct feature is impressive. It corrects spelling errors, repetitive words, punctuation errors, and all other grammatical errors. Though there are some cons, with this app on your device, you can write confidently and flawlessly.

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