Daraz 11.11 Sale Breaks All Records – A Huge Success

by Tubuntu2
Daraz 11.11

Daraz has become a popular choice for shopping online so far. Despite occasional grievances regarding shipping and pricing, the site has managed to establish a modest delivery infrastructure along with a well-run website and app. For 2019 Daraz 11.11 sale, it prepared well with extra delivery muscle and promotions. As a result, the site has accumulated record-breaking sales and site visits for a single day.

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Daraz 11.11 Sale Achievements

Daraz 11.11 Sale Achievements

Nepali customers have been skeptical about the nature of online shopping. The general consensus is that the trade is riskier since its harder to verify the quality of products ordered. However, because of quick return policies and cashback processes, more and more customers are trying out online shopping.

Following the acquisition by Alibaba, Daraz has expanded its operations by organizing the Daraz 11.11 sale in 2018 and 2019. All the hype surrounding the day of the sale and exclusive products offered have resulted in a whopping 1.5 lakh product sales in a single day. Daraz has already released 40% of these products from sellers.

People from around 24 cities used Daraz 11.11 sale to order products at a discount. Besides the no. of products ordered, Daraz enjoyed 3.5 lakh visitors browsing through their catalog of products. This number rose by 75% compared to the 2018 sale from Daraz. All those customers browsing through multiple products in a single day also led to 52,33,344 page views during the sale.

Also, some people woke up in the middle of the night and placed the first order within 1 second of the campaign start and a record-breaking 8000 orders in one single hour.

Daraz 11.11

Daraz Offers Still Standing till Friday

Daraz 11.11 sale only comes once a year, but Daraz is still providing offers on select products until the end of this Friday, 15th November. So, if you missed out on the biggest online sale of the year, be quick to look for what is left of it.

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