COVIDNP: An App Launched to Trace Corona Virus

by Tubuntu2

Recently, the number of total COVID-19 infected people reached 121, while 33 of them have recovered. The rate of infections is gradually increasing as the lockdown period in Nepal gets closer to two months. So far, the Nepal Government has strictly monitored and directed the general populous to follow the lockdown. Meanwhile, officials are conducting tests for Corona infections on high-risk individuals. In an attempt to better inform and deal with the virus, the Nepal Government has launched a new app and website call the COVIDNP. The COVIDNP app is available to download on Android and iOS devices and is accessible via its web at

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COVIDNP App Features and Guide

User Tracking

As you enter the website or COVIDNP app, you get a form to submit details to determine your risk factor. This data is used to categorize people into green, yellow or red classes. If users have the app installed, they can see the danger status of other users nearby. This will help users to avoid contact with people with a high-risk factor of having the virus.


Instant access to COVID-19 Data in Nepal

We have relied heavily on the timely updates provided by the news outlets and TV/radio broadcasts to stay up-to-date regarding the coronavirus status. But now, you can use the COVIDNP app or website to check the latest numbers of infections or tests performed or even people who are in quarantine.

Suspect Reporting and Abroad Support

Users can also report on people who show symptoms of the COVID-19 virus via the COVIDNP app. It also requires users to fill a basic form with location info and the type of symptom shown. Just click on the Suspect Reporting section to access the form.

On the other hand, the issue of Nepali citizens stranded on foreign soil has risen as other nations are also on lockdown. People can now us the Abroad Support section on the app to submit info on Nepali citizens stuck abroad for government assistance.

The COVIDNP app requires the user to be effective. As the system gathers more data on more people, it can alert others regarding the risks involved in interacting with others with the app. Even though the app uses basic methods and info to do this, if users know the risk class(red, green, or yellow) of others, it can help in reducing unwanted interactions.

COVID-19 in Nepal

Go check out the COVIDNP app and website and submit necessary info to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.


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