Caliber Flash Sale on Daraz Brand Day

by Tubuntu2

Caliber is a home-grown brand that offers a range of shoes at a low price. The brand is not the most recognized like the well-liked Goldstar, however, you may have spotted the shoes provided by the brand in the local market around Kathmandu. For February 15, Daraz is partnering with Caliber to offer discounted sneakers, trainers and different variants of shoes exclusively.

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Caliber Shoe Brand And Offers

Caliber shoes claim to be a top quality brand. Current offerings of Caliber include Men’s sneakers, Women’s Trainers, Ankle Boots, Formal Shoes, the Ultra-Light Sports Series, Women’s Sports Sneakers, and many others. Most of the sports series ultra-light shoes are priced at Rs 1,000. Other products that also include a few leather shoes offering for casual use are priced just under Rs 2,000.


One major gripe with the Daraz’s sale of these branded shoe products stems from the lack of general knowledge of the quality of the shoes provided. The materials used in the shoes play a major role in the comfort and design of the product. The images provide a good understanding of the design of the products. But the lack of reviews and feedback makes it a risky play.

Fortunately, Daraz offers refunds and 14-day product return policies. These two options from Daraz makes shopping for the products easier and fairly risk-free. Some of the main offers provided by Daraz Brand Day are:

  • 15% minimum off on all products
  • Free Delivery on all products on Daraz app
  • Exciting Collectible Vouchers

The buyers can also win a Daraz voucher worth Rs 2000 if they follow Caliber store on Daraz.

This sale for Caliber shoes is a part of Daraz’s Brand Day Scheme that provides a One-Day Sales offer on the 1st and 15th of every month. Buyers can grab deals for a limited time of 24hr on different brand products.

Please refer to Daraz’s page for further information!

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